Justin Bieber searched ‘MDMA used for’ on YouTube and Instagrammed the results

Since Just Bieber returned to Instagram, he’s used the platform to experiment with artistic expression, whether he’s announcing his conjunctivitis diagnosis of documenting his abs. Usually, he’s documenting his abs.  This morning, Bieber was so inspired that he Instagrammed 26 times in a single hour, including a TMZ screenshot of himself getting into an altercation[…]

Why are prominent YouTube gamers caught up in a gambling scandal?

Comment, like, subscribe… disclose. A number of well-known, gaming-focused YouTube personalities are in trouble over videos relating to gambling in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. They all shared positive videos about third-party betting sites without disclosing their relationships to those sites. SEE ALSO: ‘Accidental YouTuber’ Flula Borg shifts gears with new indie comedy It amounts to a[…]


5 meditation experts to relax with on YouTube

Experts of all kinds take to YouTube to share their wisdom. From makeup to video games, viewers can find coaches on virtually any topic. Meditation and spiritual practices are available in video form for viewers to follow for free on YouTube. While it may be counterintuitive to look to the Internet for inner peace and[…]


North Korea officially blocks Facebook, Twitter and YouTube

North Korea has officially announced it is blocking Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and South Korean websites in a move underscoring its concern with the spread of online information. The Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications announcement was posted this week at the country’s main mobile service provider, Koryolink, and other places serving Internet users. Very few North[…]


9 YouTube channels that will make you smarter about social justice

Information is accessible in so many ways, and the digital generation is getting news and resources through social media, podcasts and even YouTube. Vlogging is gaining traction in the social justice community as a way to create a dialogue and raise awareness about important issues. The visual component allows for the use of humor, audience engagement[…]


We read your best YouTube comments of 2016 — and recorded our reactions

Why is Adele so popular? Can a 4 year-old understand the basics of cloud computing? Who is Sam Sheffer? We answer these questions and more as we take a look back at our favorite YouTube comments of the past year. Read more… More about Youtube, Comments, Social Media, Videos, and Mashable Explains Social Media


Feast your eyes on the top 10 YouTube videos of 2015

Tired of year-end top lists already? Too bad, because there will be a lot more of them before the year is done The latest list out is YouTube’s top 10 trending videos of 2015. According to YouTube, the list is about more than pure views; likes, shares, searches, parodies, remixes and responses were also taken[…]