There are now over 3 billion social media users in the world — about 40 percent of the global population

There are now over 3 billion (!!!) people logging onto social media accounts around the world, meaning that almost half of the world’s population spends at least part of their day updating their status or story.  A new report compiled by Hootsuite and We Are Social and published by The Next Web found that there[…]


How to See the World as an Agency Pro: Tips for Landing a Job Overseas

Working abroad has the same allure that studying abroad does: the opportunity to immerse yourself in a foreign culture, get invaluable work experience and push your creative boundaries. Whether you’re working abroad through your agency network or setting out on your own, here’s some advice for landing an overseas job–and how to survive once you’re…[…]


The Duplass Brothers Explain Why They’re Jumping Into the Ad World With the Creative Shop Donut

Over a decade ago, Mark and Jay Duplass made waves in the independent filmmaking world with their down-to-earth, low-budget approach. Now the brothers behind HBO’s short-lived Togetherness and the upcoming anthology comedy Room 104, as well as films like Blue Jay for Netflix–they’re prolific–are moving into the ad space with Donut, a new Los Angeles-based…[…]


At 60, Mark Monteiro Is Thriving in the Youth-Centric Ad World by Avoiding the Temptation to Live in the Past

Unless you’re lucky enough to be a CEO, advertising is a notoriously difficult industry to thrive in past the age of 50. Many veteran creatives increasingly find themselves edged out in favor of fresher, more affordable talent. But Mark Monteiro has a different story–one that’s not about getting demoted, pushed out or laid off. Approaching…[…]


Here’s the Lovely Salute to the Cubs That Nike Aired After the Final Out of the World Series

Timing is everything. It was true Thursday night for the Chicago Cubs, who are World Series champions after 108 years of futility. And it was true for Nike, which used the first ad slot after the final out of Game 7 to air the spot below from Wieden + Kennedy—a lovely, quiet salute to the[…]


How Pokemon, a Game Inspired by Insect Collecting, Took Over the World

It all started with bug collecting. As a child growing up in the rural outskirts of Tokyo, Satoshi Tajiri lived for trapping insects. He loved the way they moved, their colors and variety. He wanted, you might say, to catch them all.   When he reached his teens, Tajiri also grew to love video games,[…]


The World Wildlife Fund Made These Creepy Halloween Masks of Environmental Horrors

On Halloween, our greatest fears become playthings, cheeky options for dress-up and candy. But who's seriously afraid of vampires, zombies and werewolves anymore?  Our fears have changed. And the World Wildlife Fund of Canada thinks costumes should, too. With help from Sid Lee Toronto and the Sid Lee Collective, it's getting into the holiday spirit[…]


Brands Are Throwing Out Gender Norms to Reflect a More Fluid World

James Charles may not seem like the typical ambassador of a beauty brand—and he's not. Meet CoverGirl's first CoverBoy. No doubt the half-century-old brand raised a few eyebrows last week when it introduced its latest model. But this was no mere stunt. Coty's CoverGirl says Charles will be an important part of growing the brand[…]

How the world celebrated Social Media Day 2016

We tweeted, we snapped, we Facebook-ed, and we have the instas to prove it! From east to west, the world came together both online and IRL to celebrate the 7th annual Social Media Day. Launched by Mashable in 2010, #SMDay recognizes and celebrates social media’s impact on global communication. Below are a few highlights from Social Media Day[…]


How Energy BBDO Made the World Cry (and Might Win Over Cannes) With ‘Sarah & Juan’

  CANNES, France—From its first draft to its final cut, "The Story of Sarah & Juan" has been a tear-jerker, and soon the ad's creators might be weeping tears of joy. The Extra Gum ad, a 2015 viral juggernaut with 19 million views on YouTube, is a front-runner in several categories at this week's Cannes[…]


A digital quest: Inside the connected world of 13-year-olds

With each generation the public consciousness conjures up a new fear for our youth: where once it was rock ‘n’ roll, today the concern is that teenagers’ lives are dominated by digital media. The worry is that the digital deluge may affect their capacity to learn, to converse, to spell, and more besides. Have they[…]


Shutterstock Highlights Rising Creative Trends from Around the World in Annual Report [Infographic]

Shutterstock released their 2016 Creative Trends report, which highlights some interesting trends to note, based on the most downloaded images, video and audio from their library, narrowed down to each region. Social Media Today RSS


13 Brilliant Outdoor Ads That Dazzled the Real World in 2015

We've looked at the year's 10 best commercials. Now, it's time to head outside and check out some of 2015's best out-of-home work. Below, we've collected 13 campaigns that used their real-world setting to great effect, giving extra dimension to the brands (and in several cases, the causes) they promoted.  Adweek : Advertising & Branding


Facing Sales Leadership Challenges in a Shifting Digital World

This past year witnessed a watershed in the evolution of the digital advertising market, surpassing the $ 50 billion mark in US sales. While the pie is growing ever larger, the digital landscape continues to shift, with the bedrock revenue of desktop search giving way to increasingly larger shares for mobile and video. This market[…]


Google's Santa Tracker Lets You See St. Nick's Journey Around the World, in Real Time

As of this writing, Santa Claus is flying over Malaysia. He’s slowly making his way across Southeast Asia, having already delivered more than 2.25 billion presents on his journey around the world. I know all this because of Google’s Santa Tracker website. Social Media Today RSS