Financial Firm Behind ‘Fearless Girl’ Will Pay $5 Million for Allegedly Underpaying Women and Minorities

State Street Corp., parent company of the investment firm behind Wall Street’s iconic Fearless Girl statue, today agreed to pay a combined $ 5 million to more than 300 women and 15 black employees who were paid less than their white, male counterparts, according to a federal audit. According to today’s filing, the U.S. Department[…]


Opinion: For Women in Advertising, the Promise of Personal and Professional Parity Has Become Toxic

The term “work/life balance” really pisses me off. It implies that work and life are opposing forces battling for dominance. That one is negative (work) and the other is positive (life). And that achieving an effective balance of the two is even possible. I just don’t buy it. As a human. As a leader. As…[…]

Trump’s tweet about women just made the internet’s head explode

No Donald. Just, no.  The president tweeted out a video Thursday about how “only by enlisting the full potential of women in our society will we truly be able to (you have not heard this expression before) make America great again.” Only by enlisting the full potential of women in our society will we be[…]


This Agency Dropped an App on International Women’s Day That Detects When Men Interrupt Women

BETC Sao Paulo has created an app that counts the number of times a woman is interrupted by a man (or anyone really). Woman Interrupted launched today in celebration of International Women’s Day and is available for download on Apple’s app store. The agency created the app after coming across a 2014 George Washington University…[…]

Women are sharing ‘granny pantie’ pics for a good (comfortable) reason

You may have noticed “granny panties,” otherwise known as high-waisted, comfortable underwear, taking over your Twitter feed of late. Variations of the hashtag #UndiesOutForSam have been trending after a curious and frankly horrific article was published in Daily Mail Australia Sunday that criticised Australian TV personality Samantha Armytage for her choice of intimates. SEE ALSO:[…]


Why Women Working in Advertising Need to Stop Apologizing All the Time

Women tend to apologize more than they need to for even the smallest of things, like bumping into someone on the street or asking for a minute of the boss' time. It's a topic that's been discussed at the annual 3 Percent Conference in the past, and a topic that Heat senior brand strategist Lauren[…]

On Twitter, women are more misogynistic than men

LONDON — When it comes to misogyny on Twitter, we’re all in this together. A new study has found that misognyistic tweets were written by women 52 percent of the time and men 48 percent.  SEE ALSO: Hillary Clinton’s new ad highlights Trump’s misogynistic moments The study — conducted by social intelligence company Brandwatch on[…]

Badass women in Iran share why they’re ignoring a new fatwa against cycling

Iran’s supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, issued a fatwa on women riding bicycles Monday, but that hasn’t stopped a bunch of defiant women from doing it anyway. The religious edict forbids women from cycling because it’s viewed as a practice that “exposes society to corruption” and “contravenes women’s chastity,” according to The Independent. SEE ALSO:[…]

People are mocking this article on how to approach women wearing headphones

LONDON — A blog instructing people how to approach women wearing headphones is getting a lot of attention on Twitter — for all the wrong reasons.  SEE ALSO: This musician’s tweet about sexist labelling in a record store will annoy you The article — published on men’s grooming site The Modern Man — listed tips[…]


Olympic Roundup: U.S. Women Win Relay Gold, as Men Appeal Disqualification

Team USA reached 105 medals at the Summer Olympics in Rio on Friday, keeping the nation atop the medal count. Here's what marketers need to know about the last 24 hours of the Olympics: Team USA Now 40 Medals Ahead of China The U.S. added two medals to its total count Friday night, putting Team[…]

Indian government steps up efforts to check online trolling against women

India’s women and child development ministry has announced that it will take strict action against those trolling and posting abusive remarks against women online.   SEE ALSO: Internet troll pleads guilty to posting sexist, derogatory comments on Facebook Last month, Indian singer Sona Mohapatra found herself being attacked by online trolls after she criticised Bollywood[…]

Bumble enlightens male user on how to speak to women

Though many dating app users have encountered disappointing and downright disrespectful interactions, Bumble refuses to tolerate that sort of behavior on its app. After a Bumble conversation showed female user, Ashley Helmbreck, receiving extremely out-of-line, abusive messages from a male user named Connor, the dating app stepped in to defend Ashley by posting an open[…]


It’s Time for Marketing’s ‘Token Women’ to Shatter the Glass Holding Others Down

At this year's South by Southwest, I snuck into the back of a panel on bro culture called "Dude, Where's My Patriarchy?" On stage were four women on whom I have Twitter-crushed hard for a while: journalists Ana Marie Cox, Rachel Sklar and Jazmine Hughes, and communications powerhouse Tracy Sefl. The entire debate was healthy[…]


Women are sharing their sex stories on Twitter and guys are freaking out

LONDON — Some things never change. On Monday night a sex and relationships blogger inadvertently pointed out that the age-old double standard when it comes to men and women’s sexual behaviour still exists.  London-based blogger Oloni asked women to share their “hoe stories”; but some men weren’t quite prepared for the consequences. “Have you had sex[…]


Organic Valley Shows What Real Women Actually Have Time for in the Morning

You've probably seen them before, those ads where a professional woman springs out of bed before the sun even rises, already looking impeccable and ready to do an hour of hot yoga in her underwear or make an elegant meal for her family all before leaving for work. There might be women like that out[…]


A Skin Care Brand Bravely Stood Up for China’s ‘Leftover’ Women Unmarried After 25

SK-II, a Chinese skin care brand, took over a so-called "marriage market"—where Chinese parents go to post elaborate personal ads for their daughters—to stand up for all the "leftover" women who aren't married, and are treated shamefully, after age 25. A "sheng nu," or "leftover woman," is a derogatory term for an unmarried woman over[…]


14 stop-motion animations that celebrate kick-ass women

In the beginning of March, we asked our Vine community to join us in a month-long celebration of Women’s History Month using #WCWProj2016. To kick things off, we chose to honor Sally Ride, first American woman in space, in our call-to-action Vine. Sally Ride, first American woman in space We also posted two Vines created[…]


This hashtag is highlighting the black women written out of history

The U.S. has officially celebrated women’s history since 1911 — first as a day, then as a week and finally a month beginning in 1987. The purpose of Women’s History Month is to recognize the many contributions that women have made to society, as well as their individual accomplishments, throughout the month of March. But this[…]


Darkly Comic Campaign Shows Women the Tool We Really Need to Ensure Gender Parity

For International Women's Day, the Young Minds for Gender Equality Foundation (YM4GE) is offering us a practical, immediate solution to the pay parity problem: The Business Bulge, a pair of underpants that provide women with enviable endowments for professional settings.  In a promotional video by DDB New York, styled like a dull investors presentation, a[…]