4A’s New Head of Talent Thinks It’s Time Agencies Realize How Gender and Sexuality Intersect With Race

The ad industry has made considerable progress in including more women and members of the LGBT community. But on matters of race, it still lags behind. That was the consensus at last month’s Adcolor conference and many of the diversity-themed events at Advertising Week, including a panel led by the 4A’s newest executive, Keesha Jean-Baptiste,…[…]


8 Tips for Launching Your Own Agency in a Time of ‘Disruption and Chaos’

It’s either the absolute worst time to launch an ad agency, or it’s one of the best. Sure, there’s plenty of doom and gloom about the outlook for even the most iconic agencies, but perhaps one behemoth’s existential crisis is a nimble startup’s moment of opportunity. At Advertising Week New York this week, multiple sessions…[…]


This Ad Agency Decided Now Was the Right Time to Launch Its Own Brand Consultancy

Traditional ad agencies and consultancies are converging. It’s no longer news. Accenture and Deloitte continue to acquire creative shops around the world, but this week, two major industry groups, the 4A’s in the U.S. and the IPA in the U.K., even hinted that they would begin letting such organizations join their ranks. Some agencies have,…[…]

Watching people retweet Trump in real time is both mesmerizing and depressing

One hundred and sixty-two thousand retweets. Two hundred and eighty-nine thousand likes. Donald Trump’s tweets routinely garner engagement on such a scale that it’s hard to really understand what any of those numbers actually mean.  That just changed.  A new Twitter feature, announced in a June 15 blog post, displays retweets and likes in real[…]


Why Women Working in Advertising Need to Stop Apologizing All the Time

Women tend to apologize more than they need to for even the smallest of things, like bumping into someone on the street or asking for a minute of the boss' time. It's a topic that's been discussed at the annual 3 Percent Conference in the past, and a topic that Heat senior brand strategist Lauren[…]


It’s Time for the CMO and CFO to Get Connected

Today's executives know they need to be collaborating more. This is especially true for the leaders of marketing and finance, traditionally the odd couple of the C-suite. The CFO wants cold, hard results: revenue predictability, cost discipline and measurable ROI. The CMO also prizes results, but also has to be the "voice of the customer," relying[…]


Your Agency Needs This Buzzword Jar You Pay Every Time You Spout Dumb Marketing Jargon

This is not a swear jar, dammit! It is, in fact, a "Marketing Buzzword Jar," the latest industry innovation (and silly self-promotion) from Whit Hiler and his goofy gang at Kentucky ad shop Cornett. Perfect for agencies, marketing departments and startups, the item launches next month and will cost $ 19.99. Employees put $ 1[…]

People are spending more time in ‘Pokèmon Go’ than Facebook and Snapchat

Nintendo’s seemingly unstoppable mobile hit has reached a new milestone. iPhone users may be spending more time playing Pokèmon Go than they do browsing Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter or Instagram, according to a new report. SEE ALSO: Pokemon Go shouldn’t be as good as it is The numbers, from app analytics company Sensor Tower, show that[…]


Promo Jury at Cannes Gives Grand Prix to the Greatest Anti-Promotion of All Time

CANNES, France—Barely a month after winning the coveted Best of Show at the The One Show, REI's anti-promotional #OptOutside campaign has scored again, taking home the Promo & Activation Grand Prix and a Gold Lion Monday night at the Cannes Lions festival here. Devised by San Francisco agency Venables Bell & Partners, #OptOutside saw the[…]


There’s still time to submit your work for the 2016 Mashies

From live stunts to augmented reality and everything in between, 2016 has seen some of the marketing world’s most innovative work yet. In its fourth year, the Mashies, Mashable’s annual celebration of the agencies and brands that are creating the most innovative digital marketing campaigns, is bound to see some stiff competition. There are only[…]


It’s Time for Marketing’s ‘Token Women’ to Shatter the Glass Holding Others Down

At this year's South by Southwest, I snuck into the back of a panel on bro culture called "Dude, Where's My Patriarchy?" On stage were four women on whom I have Twitter-crushed hard for a while: journalists Ana Marie Cox, Rachel Sklar and Jazmine Hughes, and communications powerhouse Tracy Sefl. The entire debate was healthy[…]


Organic Valley Shows What Real Women Actually Have Time for in the Morning

You've probably seen them before, those ads where a professional woman springs out of bed before the sun even rises, already looking impeccable and ready to do an hour of hot yoga in her underwear or make an elegant meal for her family all before leaving for work. There might be women like that out[…]