Think you hate selfies? The Russian military might ban them.

Russian soldiers may soon be saying goodbye to their Snapchats.  According to the BBC, the Russian Ministry of Defense, which manages and regulates Russia’s armed forces, has drafted a law that would ban soldiers and military personnel from posting on social media. The ban is expected to take effect in January 2018.  The ban comes,[…]

Figuring out what Aussies think about Trump on Twitter is pretty difficult

Australians reacted more “positive” than “negative” to the election of Donald Trump as the next president of the United States, according to a sentiment analysis study of tweets that were posted at the time. Only tweets sent on November 10, 2016, (just after the result of the US election) that included the word “Trump” and[…]


This Ad About Dangerous Driving Is 100% Not Headed Where You Think It Is

Imagine a road without rules—one where you can drive like a madman, cut people off at will, and stop wherever you want for an impromptu selfie. That might sound either awesome or awful. Luckily, none of us has to experience it in real life … or do we? This riotous spot on the subject veers[…]

This French Instagram profile is not what you think it is

At first sight, Louise Delage is just a normal 25-year-old from Paris who likes posting pictures of herself on Instagram enjoying a meal at a restaurant.  SEE ALSO: Instagram’s drafts feature is finally open to everyone Her profile gathered a staggering 66,000 followers in just over a month (she joined on Aug. 1). Delage’s pictures[…]

Why scientists think your social media posts can help prevent suicide

Take a moment to look at your emoji keyboard. Scroll through the angry face, ghost, stiletto, doughnut, flashlight and cigarette until you reach the hearts.  There it is: love. Amid the mundane and humorous, those vibrant, colorful little shapes can easily become a rapid-fire display of affection to a friend, parent or partner. But notice, too,[…]


Watch: NFL Players Explain How They Think About Endorsements on Twitter

On social media, pro athletes are a little more like the rest of us. Their popularity isn't just about wins, but also about how likeable they are to their followers. According to Twitter, 70 percent of tweets are consumed within a live broadcast window, and half of all conversations on Twitter are about sporting events,[…]


Chevrolet Took All the Branding Off This Malibu to See What People Really Think of It

The Chevrolet Malibu is the Folgers Crystals of automobiles—people think it's amazing partly because they don't know what it is—in this latest "Real People, Not Actors" spot from Commonwealth/McCann.  With cameras rolling, Chevy stripped the branding off the vehicle and invited regular people to explore it. The first three people who pipe up in the[…]


We should be more judgmental online, just not the way you think

When Australian fashion and beauty blogger Essena O’Neill quit social media, she didn’t just walk away. She lit a match and started a fire O’Neill, who had over 600,000 Instagram followers and 260,000 YouTube subscribers, posted a video lamenting the lack of authenticity on social media. Then, she deleted Instagram photos and edited captions on[…]


Like them or not, Twitter’s hearts are more popular than you think

Changing stars to hearts might seem like one of Twitter’s most controversial decisions yet, but the change is actually a lot more popular than you may think — at lest, according to Twitter. Speaking at the Open Mobil Summit conference is San Francisco Tuesday, Twitter’s product chief Kevin Weil said the company has already seen[…]


Texting, Sexting and Cyberbullying – What Do You Parents Think Their Are Kids Doing Online? [Infographic]

In an attempt to help parents get a better perspective on the impacts of social media, social insights company Qualtrics surveyed more than 1,000 parents of at least one child aged between 8 and 17 to find out Social Media Today RSS