Download this: Apple Music’s Facebook bot suggests songs based on emoji

Facebook and Apple have teamed up to bring a new, emoji-filled music recommendation feature to Facebook Messenger. The Facebook messaging app was updated this week with an Apple Music bot that can recommend songs and playlists based on emoji. SEE ALSO: 13 hidden features in iOS 11 The new bot surfaces music recommendations based on[…]

Your name could shape your face, new study suggests

Long before anyone knows what we’ll really look like, we’re given the label we will probably carry for the rest of our lives — our name. But what if your appearance, particularly your face, somehow reflected the name you were given at birth? A new study suggests that each person’s face, insanely enough, could actually[…]

Facebook experiment suggests it’s trying to copy Snapchat again

Facebook appears to be working on yet another Snapchat-like experience.  New screenshots of what look to be one of the social network’s many experiments show the company is working on a new feature that allows groups of friends to privately share photos and other updates that disappear after 24 hours. SEE ALSO: Inside the data[…]


Facebook experiment suggests it’s going after Medium

Facebook Notes may soon be getting a major facelift. The company is testing a refreshed design for its long-ignored Notes feature that makes the stories look more like blog posts than standard Facebook updates. See also: LOL is so over: Facebook study reveals ‘haha’ is how we laugh online “We’re testing an update to Notes[…]