Fan strikes ‘Rick and Morty’ gold — sells Szechuan sauce for $15,000 Schmeckles

No one worships useless, pointless nonsense like the Rick and Morty fanbase. And I say that with all the love in my plumbus. Season 3’s surprise April Fools premiere ended with Rick’s crazed, psychopathic rant about how his “9 Season character arc” would revolve around getting McDonald’s discontinued Szechuan sauce back. It was the lunatic[…]


Good Samaritan’s profanity-ridden rant strikes a chord with Singaporeans

SINGAPORE — One guy’s colourful and passionate rant on Facebook about his good deed has gone viral in Singapore. See also: This story of a bus driver’s sweet act of kindness is cheering up Ireland Kai Sheng Si saw a visually-impaired man at an MRT station looking lost, and decided to help when he realised[…]