Think you hate selfies? The Russian military might ban them.

Russian soldiers may soon be saying goodbye to their Snapchats.  According to the BBC, the Russian Ministry of Defense, which manages and regulates Russia’s armed forces, has drafted a law that would ban soldiers and military personnel from posting on social media. The ban is expected to take effect in January 2018.  The ban comes,[…]

Taking selfies with sloths sounds cute, but you could be supporting poachers

There’s a dark side to animal selfies.  Although most people aren’t interested in harming wild critters, the watchdog organization World Animal Protection says that Instagram selfies taken with animals are contributing to eco-tourism companies who poach wild animals (including sloths and crocodiles) for selfie opportunities and confine them in appalling places, like broken refrigerators.  SEE[…]

Pollution is so bad in New Delhi people are taking ‘smog selfies’

The Indian government declared an “emergency situation” in New Delhi on Sunday as air pollution hit dangerous new highs — and residents have the selfies to prove it.  Officials announced a slew of measures to combat toxic smog in the capital city, including halting construction projects, canceling school, closing a coal-fired power plant for 10[…]

Court upholds right to take selfies in the voting booth

Voting in New Hampshire this fall? Don’t worry, you can take a selfie and post it to Snapchat.   On Thursday, the U.S. Court of Appeals struck down a would-be ban on taking and sharing selfies and other images in voting booths.   SEE ALSO: A round-up of how to register to vote on social[…]


‘White Savior Barbie’ brilliantly mocks insincere volunteer selfies in Africa

Remember Hipster Barbie? Her artistic coffee pics, beach shots and general #aesthetic went viral last year for poking fun at Instagram trends. Now, two 20-somethings are using her as inspiration to create “Barbie Savior,” a hilarious account parodying those volunteers who make service trips to developing countries — and make it all about themselves. SEE[…]


New Patent Shows Twitter May be Looking to Take Selfies to the Next Level. Literally.

A patent filed earlier this year (but made available this week) outlines how Twitter’s experimenting with a system in which users would be able to control drones via tweet, and those drones would be able to take photos and videos that could be streamed directly through people’s Twitter accounts. Social Media Today RSS


Instagram model quits posting selfies to tell the truth about social media

That feeling, the one where you anxiously wait for the 11th like on your latest Instagram selfie, is the reason why fashion and beauty blogger Essena O’Neill decided to quit social media last week. After three years of posting YouTube videos, Instagram photos and Tumblr posts to more than 500,000 followers, the 18-year-old Australian says[…]


Snoopy dances across your selfies in Snapchat’s first sponsored lens

One of the Peanuts’ most beloved characters has come to Snapchat The app debuted its first, Snoppy-filled sponsored lens Friday to promote 20th Century Fox’s upcoming Peanuts Movie. The lens puts candy corn, Snoopy and Woodstock animations over users’ selfies. Once applied, Snoopy dances across the screen behind a stream of candy corn as Woodstock[…]