What your Instagram posts might reveal about experiencing depression

Whether you realize it or not, you leave a trail of clues about your mental health on social media. Emerging research suggests that words, characters, and even emoji can reveal information about people’s moods and mental well-being.  That might seem obvious when it comes to explicitly emotional posts, but information about mental health can be[…]

Australians are pretty hooked on Snapchat, company figures reveal

Snapchat is doing remarkably well in Australia, new figures released by Snap Inc. show.  For the first time, the company has revealed how many Australians are daily active users on the platform. And it’s a cool 4 million. According to a 2015 report from Deloitte, Australia has 15 million smartphone users, making the market’s active[…]


#ScaryStats uses data to reveal the horror of inequality

The realities of inequality are downright spooky. The proof is in the statistics — hard facts shed light on various inequalities and their real-life impacts, and show how they deserve attention and action every day. But social disparities are gaining special notice Friday, thanks to an innovative hashtag building on the momentum of the scary[…]