4A’s New Head of Talent Thinks It’s Time Agencies Realize How Gender and Sexuality Intersect With Race

The ad industry has made considerable progress in including more women and members of the LGBT community. But on matters of race, it still lags behind. That was the consensus at last month’s Adcolor conference and many of the diversity-themed events at Advertising Week, including a panel led by the 4A’s newest executive, Keesha Jean-Baptiste,…[…]

The horse race ‘that stops a nation’ cops a sledging on social media

The annual Australian celebration of dressing up, drinking bubbles and throwing money at horses running around in a circle has arrived once more. With it, come the inevitable the social media mutterings of those not-too-chuffed with the whole affair. The Melbourne Cup is an annual horse race with a colourful history. In recent years, that[…]


Clinton Fires Back on Race With Ad Featuring Trump’s Own Comments About ‘the Blacks’

Donald Trump hasn't been mincing words with his views on Hillary Clinton's race relations, calling her "a bigot" during a Mississippi campaign stop this week. Given that Trump's support among black voters has been estimated between 2 percent and 8 percent—and given his history of making some rather awkward comments when it comes to race—it's not[…]