LGBTQ Employees at Grey Share Their Personal Stories to Celebrate National Coming Out Day

Grey teamed up with VideoOut, an organization that’s aiming to have the world’s largest library of coming-out stories, to celebrate National Coming Out Day today. A short video called “Grey for National Coming Out Day” features LGBTQ employees from the agency sharing their own stories of coming out, stories of difficulty, awkwardness, humor, sincerity and…[…]

The secret code of personal gain lurking in the Kardashians’ Instagram comments

When a member of the Kardashian family posts on Instagram, the world pays attention.  But, venture into the comments section, and you won’t find countless declarations of admiration from devotees, you’ll see endless streams of words that you might not be familiar with.  Scroll through the comments on Kim, Khloe, Kourtney, Kylie or Kendall’s Instagram[…]


Opinion: For Women in Advertising, the Promise of Personal and Professional Parity Has Become Toxic

The term “work/life balance” really pisses me off. It implies that work and life are opposing forces battling for dominance. That one is negative (work) and the other is positive (life). And that achieving an effective balance of the two is even possible. I just don’t buy it. As a human. As a leader. As…[…]


10 goals that will elevate your business and personal well-being

New Years has come and gone, but that doesn’t mean you’ve missed your chance to set some goals for the year ahead. I personally like to set goals quarterly as it helps me stay a little more active. As spring approaches (though perhaps not as quickly as you might like), it can be helpful to[…]


Google’s new About Me page is mission control for all your personal info

Unless you’re actively taking steps to avoid Google, you likely have a profile on several of the company’s services, such as Gmail, Photos, Drive and Google+. Now there’s another you can add to that list: The company launched a new page called About Me on Tuesday, which lets you manage your various Google profiles from[…]