JWT Becomes the First Ad Agency to Collaborate Directly With Black Lives Matter

The official Black Lives Matter organization has entered into a strategic and creative partnership with J. Walter Thompson New York, marking the first such pairing on a formal assignment. The relationship kicked off with the beta launch of Backing Black Business, a web tool that lets users discover black-owned small businesses throughout the country. JWT New York[…]

Hashtag reminds Twitter that Donald Trump is no laughing matter

In just under one month the United States will elect its next leader. And what with the increasingly ridiculous and unbelievable statements uttered by politicians, you’d be forgiven for laughing about a meme or chuckling at a GIF here and there. But presenter of Australian TV show The Project, Waleed Aly addressed the serious side[…]


Zuckerberg calls defacement of Black Lives Matter slogans at Facebook ‘deeply hurtful’

Mark Zuckerberg had strong words for Facebook employees after finding out that someone has been crossing out “Black Lives Matter” on the walls at the company’s Menlo Park, California, headquarters. In an internal message shared with employees and obtained by Gizmodo, the CEO described repeated instances of the phrase “black lives matter” being crossed out[…]


Black Lives Matter: How 3 words became a movement

The story of how #BlackLivesMatter forced America to confront racism once more using the power of social media, from the activists who helped create it. Featuring DeRay Mckesson, Opal Tometi and Kwame Rose Read more about the rise of the movement in 2015: Read more… More about Social Media, Us World, Politics, Social Good,[…]


No Matter What Your Job Title, Social Media Has Changed Your Job (for the Better) [INFOGRAPHIC]

Social Media has changed traditional job roles and requires the creation of entirely new jobs. An infographic from Modern Servant Leaders looks at the ways that job responsibilities have changed their core principals since social media changed the rules of the game for businesses and corporations. Social Media Today RSS


Facebook Releases New Guide to Help Marketers Capitalize on ‘Moments That Matter’

There are 280 million friend requests sent on Facebook every day, more than four billion videos watched, 350 million photos are uploaded. That’s a vast amount of data – how can marketers rationalize this conversation and hone in on the detail most relevant to them? Facebook’s released a new guide examining just that. Social Media Today[…]