An Embattled Chipotle Is Looking for a New Creative Agency Partner

Fast casual chain Chipotle has begun the process of bringing a new ad agency partner on board to help guide its marketing efforts. The Denver-based company has previously eschewed traditional television advertising in favor of a combination of digital-only spots, earned media, projects like a 2014 collaboration which featured the words of contemporary novelists on[…]


4 Tips for Startups Looking to Maximize Their Social Media Marketing Efforts

For startups it can often be difficult to know where to begin when it comes to social media marketing. With so many different platforms, combined with seemingly endless rule changes, it’s little wonder that many startups feel it’s too challenging to launch a social media marketing campaign. Social Media Today RSS


New Patent Shows Twitter May be Looking to Take Selfies to the Next Level. Literally.

A patent filed earlier this year (but made available this week) outlines how Twitter’s experimenting with a system in which users would be able to control drones via tweet, and those drones would be able to take photos and videos that could be streamed directly through people’s Twitter accounts. Social Media Today RSS


LinkedIn Looking to Further Reduce E-Mail Notifications, Improve Relevance

In an effort to further refine and improe their e-mail notifcation system, LinkedIn has detailed how they’re using a new, data-fuelled model to help refine and improve the quality and quantity of e-mail notifications they send users. Social Media Today RSS


Facebook Looking to Revamp Notes, Become Long-form Blogging Player

Facebook has confirmed that they’re currently testing a new, upgraded blogging platform for the network – effectively a re-invigoration of Notes. Right now, a small selection of users have access to a range of new functions within Notes, including cover photos for posts, user-tagging functionality, photo re-sizing, links and hashtags. Social Media Today RSS


Is Google Looking to Buy Twitter? Latest Market Moves Spark Intense Speculation

Would Google consider buying up Twitter? That’s the question that’s been gaining traction in recent months, and is building momentum again today. So what are the key benefits and reasons behind such a move, from both sides?  Social Media Today RSS


Gay dating app Grindr is looking to hook up with a buyer

Grindr, the gay men’s hookup app that has 5 million users, is ready to settle down with a permanent partner Grindr is reportedly up for sale, according to a report from Bloomberg, with the company having hired advisers to help them find a possible suitor. It’s not definite the app will be sold, however, as[…]