Why Ogilvy Is Helping Clients Like Brand USA Transform in the Digital Era

The presence of a CMO who is also ultra tech savvy–a CMTO–is becoming more commonplace in brands and agencies as both sides think about changing the customer experience. This week Ogilvy is presenting its insights alongside client Brand USA, the tourism arm of the U.S., at the annual ColorComm conference. Adweek got a brief look…[…]


Rethinking the Publicis Pullout: Awards Shows Like Cannes Are About More Than Just the Awards

Aftershocks from Publicis’ decision to take a year off from major conferences and awards shows are still reverberating through the cafes and nap rooms of top creative agencies around the world. It’s about more than ros? and parties, we say. It’s even about more than the best global creative talent and ideas all in one…[…]

I tried to join an Instagram pod and it was like high school all over again

When I left high school in 2006, I thought I’d kissed goodbye to the days of not being one of the cool kids. But, 11 years on, I’m back to feeling like the class loser. And it’s all thanks to Instagram “pods”. An Insta pod is a secret group of bloggers who join forces in[…]

Adorable social media robot dog looks like Zuckerberg’s pup, natch

What if Mark Zuckerberg’s Internet-famous Puli, Beast, could fit in the palm of your hand and only bark or wag his adorable little tail when you get a Facebook like? That’s not a Facebook founder fever dream, it’s the reality of a new Kickstarter project for the world’s only social media robot dog: Soshee (short[…]

Even Selena Gomez feels like sh*t when she looks at Instagram

Being Instagram famous isn’t all it’s cracked up to be, even when you’re a super-famous celebrity. In a new Vogue interview, singer and actress Selena Gomez, who is also the most-followed person on Instagram with 113 million followers, confessed she is no longer in control of her own Instagram account. SEE ALSO: 12 awesome Instagram[…]

The ‘world’s greatest healthcare plan’ is a thing that exists and people are like what

Hahahahahaha Sorry, wait a minute, I just, I can’t stop laugh-crying. Laughing because surely someone is about to shake me awake from this wild-ass dream I’m having about a healthcare plan called the “world’s greatest healthcare plan” and crying because I’m pretty sure no one is going to wake me up.  SEE ALSO: IBM’s Watson[…]


This Agency Created an Obstacle Course to Show People What It’s Like to Be ‘Black at Work’

In honor of Black History Month, Havas Chicago wanted to do something that would get its employees and the people of Chicago to not only reflect, but also learn a little something about what it’s like to be black in an ad agency today. A team of employees decided to create an obstacle course in…[…]


For One Agency, the Women’s March Brought Together Employees Like Never Before

The day after Donald Trump's election, the D.C. office of creative agency Huge was a somber place, one where employees seemed uncertain and fearful of the times ahead. "It felt like a funeral," recalls UX lead Natalie Be'er. The atmosphere and the election's impact on the team were clear to executives, as well. "I don't[…]

Turns out that Donald Trump doesn’t really like Twitter — and it’s the media’s fault

Who would have thought that President-elect Donald Trump, who has made headlines with his rants, fights, spelling errors and wrong mentions on Twitter actually dislikes the social network?  SEE ALSO: After Trump’s comments, the wrong John Lewis is getting buried in tweets It would seem like biting the hand that feeds you, considering that he[…]

Following Leonard Cohen on Facebook made it feel like he was your family

I didn’t know Leonard Cohen — of course I didn’t. But his loss is profound to me, as it is for so many, because I felt like I did. His music affected into me so throughly that I couldn’t imagine a dark moment where his words, whether I wanted company or not, reminded me I[…]


Nothing Says Home Improvement Quite Like a Naked Man Tumbling Through the Wilderness

Many people are familiar with the feeling of dread that accompanies Dad deciding to fix the sink, or build a garden pond, on his own. He crawls under the house, or he starts digging a trench in the yard. No logic can sway him. He is unstoppable in his quest. What often follows are days[…]

It looks like Facebook motivated a lot of people to register to vote

All it took was four days in September for Facebook to spark a massive increase in voter registration. From Sept. 23 to 26, a Facebook reminder at the top of your News Feed read, “Are you registered to vote? Register now to make sure you have a voice in the election.” This was paired with[…]


Why Brands Like Under Armour and Gatorade Are Making Immersive, Interactive Games

It's no secret that brands are having a difficult time getting consumers with ever-shrinking attention spans to focus on, never mind notice, traditional advertising. But some marketers, including Under Armour, Gatorade and Warby Parker, may have found a solution by way of gaming. Last week, Under Armour became the latest marketer to experiment with an[…]


A Designer Created a Service to Help Brands Figure Out If Their Logos Look Like Genitals

Ready to release your new logo to the world? Hold up a tick. Are you 100 percent sure it doesn't look like ladybits or man berries? Truly embracing the tenets of due diligence and risk mitigation, graphic designer Josh Mishell this week launched, a satirical service that offers to spot the (hopefully) unintentional genitals[…]

How images like #DonDaleKids let us ‘perform’ our shock and outrage

His head hangs forward, enclosed in a white bag known in rough prison parlance as a “spit hood.” His young chest exposed, two black straps tie his shoulders to the chair. The harrowing image of then-17-year-old Dylan Voller, taken from the ABC’s investigation into the ‘torture’ of young people at the Don Dale Youth Detention[…]