I know, I know … I’m using Instagram all wrong and I don’t care

Instagram has become a place where thirsty hipsters are regularly celebrated, and those who don’t follow the norms sink into a shameful oblivion. But I, for one, think these silly unspoken rules for dominating social media are a big pile of garbage — and so I never follow them.  SEE ALSO: 10 ways to create[…]

You know that Jayden K. Smith Facebook hack? It’s actually a hoax that doesn’t make any damn sense

Here’s a story you’ve probably heard before: A viral hoax is spreading on Facebook, that, when you stop and think about it, really doesn’t make any damn sense.  Monday’s hoax involves a supposed hacker named Jayden K. Smith.  SEE ALSO: Step inside the secretive class that turns people into hackers As far as the hoax[…]

Haunting is the new ghosting is the new…you know what? We gotta stop this.

Do you have lost loves lurking on your Instagram feed? Do you feel a spooky shiver whenever you use Snapchat? You’re probably being haunted. Yes, haunted. Basically it’s when someone you’ve ended things with decides to reassert themselves into your fragile mind by watching your Instagram or Snapchat stories or liking your social media posts.[…]

Justin Bieber probably doesn’t know what Netflix and chill means

“I’m better sleeping on my own,” crooned Justin Bieber in “Love Yourself” and he means it. The singer, who was most recently linked to actress and billionaire’s daughter Nicola Peltz, participated in the celebrity hobby du jour — posting emotional screenshots of iPhone notes on their social media accounts —  to stand firmly by the[…]

Social media companies really want you to know that it’s ‘Brexit’ voting day

LONDON — On the day of the historic referendum in the UK to decide whether the country should stay in the European Union or leave, major social media companies are encouraging people to get to the polls and vote.  With more than 46 million registered to vote, the turnout will be key in deciding the future[…]