4A’s New Head of Talent Thinks It’s Time Agencies Realize How Gender and Sexuality Intersect With Race

The ad industry has made considerable progress in including more women and members of the LGBT community. But on matters of race, it still lags behind. That was the consensus at last month’s Adcolor conference and many of the diversity-themed events at Advertising Week, including a panel led by the 4A’s newest executive, Keesha Jean-Baptiste,…[…]

You know that Jayden K. Smith Facebook hack? It’s actually a hoax that doesn’t make any damn sense

Here’s a story you’ve probably heard before: A viral hoax is spreading on Facebook, that, when you stop and think about it, really doesn’t make any damn sense.  Monday’s hoax involves a supposed hacker named Jayden K. Smith.  SEE ALSO: Step inside the secretive class that turns people into hackers As far as the hoax[…]

Instagram is still clobbering Snapchat, and it’s worse than we thought

Instagram Stories is still eating Snapchat alive, and we have fresh data to prove it.  Instagram’s Stories now have 250 million daily active users, up from 200 million in April, according to the company. At the same time, engagement with Snapchat Stories declined 50 percent in June compared with the same time last year, according[…]

I can’t be basic on Instagram anymore and it’s all because of Stories

Our Instagram Stories are awash with snapshots of our everyday lives. But, now that there’s a hidden trove reserved for our most private — and dare-I-say basic — snaps. Instagram’s already-very-high bar for posts has crept to a scary new height.  SEE ALSO: Stop putting ‘Stories’ in every friggin’ app Recently, somewhere between posting photos[…]


KFC Wrote a Romance Novel for Mother’s Day, and It’s Uncomfortably Good

“Sometimes it seemed as though the two of them had been made to love each other, and they tried to do so at every given opportunity.” Thus begins Chapter 9 of Tender Wings of Desire, the 96-page romance novella ostensibly written by Colonel Sanders as part of a KFC stunt for Mother’s Day. While it’s…[…]


This Agency Created an Obstacle Course to Show People What It’s Like to Be ‘Black at Work’

In honor of Black History Month, Havas Chicago wanted to do something that would get its employees and the people of Chicago to not only reflect, but also learn a little something about what it’s like to be black in an ad agency today. A team of employees decided to create an obstacle course in…[…]

Turns out that Donald Trump doesn’t really like Twitter — and it’s the media’s fault

Who would have thought that President-elect Donald Trump, who has made headlines with his rants, fights, spelling errors and wrong mentions on Twitter actually dislikes the social network?  SEE ALSO: After Trump’s comments, the wrong John Lewis is getting buried in tweets It would seem like biting the hand that feeds you, considering that he[…]

It’s now much harder to see if someone edited a Facebook post

Have you ever made a cringeworthy mistake in a Facebook post? Don’t lie, the answer is yes.  If you have a sense of shame, Facebook at least allows you to go back and correct your gaffe by editing the post, a feature that certain other social media networks still haven’t added.  But evidence of your[…]


It’s Time for the CMO and CFO to Get Connected

Today's executives know they need to be collaborating more. This is especially true for the leaders of marketing and finance, traditionally the odd couple of the C-suite. The CFO wants cold, hard results: revenue predictability, cost discipline and measurable ROI. The CMO also prizes results, but also has to be the "voice of the customer," relying[…]


KLM’s New Ads Have a Preposterously Simple Goal: To Tell You It’s an Airline

To some extent, all brands seek to define themselves in ads. Airline KLM, however, takes this process to a reductive extreme in new work from agency Mustache, letting prospective passengers know that it is, in fact, more than anything else … an airline. Actor Ken Marino goes to great lengths to make that simple point[…]


These Ads Show Beautiful Views of Connecticut, but It’s Not a Tourism Campaign

Don't you just love a room with a view? Connecticut's licensed realtors are betting you do in this soft-sell pitch that subtly promotes their services, but plays more like an upscale tourism campaign. Crafted by ad shop Sleek Machine, the commercials employ a distinctive visual device that kicks in about halfway through each spot. First[…]

Facebook experiment suggests it’s trying to copy Snapchat again

Facebook appears to be working on yet another Snapchat-like experience.  New screenshots of what look to be one of the social network’s many experiments show the company is working on a new feature that allows groups of friends to privately share photos and other updates that disappear after 24 hours. SEE ALSO: Inside the data[…]


Brisk Ice Tea Is Latest Brand to Get Its Own Sneaker, and It’s Pineapple Passionfruit

Ever since Lipton's Brisk Iced Tea abandoned its inescapable '90s "That's Brisk, Baby!" ad campaigns from J. Walter Thompson that featured claymation celebrities, its marketing has focused almost entirely on attracting urban teens by collaborating with street artists. These campaigns have included everything from custom iced tea cans to interactive murals to Brisk Bodega pop-up[…]

People are sharing what it’s like to grow up shy and it’s the story of everyone’s life

LONDON — Growing up is hard. And, it’s even harder when you’re shy. SEE ALSO: How I learned to love my incessant blushing From blushing when someone talks to you to feeling anxious about speaking up in class; being shy at school can be a crippling experience. Shyness isn’t all that uncommon. A 20-year analysis[…]

Social media companies really want you to know that it’s ‘Brexit’ voting day

LONDON — On the day of the historic referendum in the UK to decide whether the country should stay in the European Union or leave, major social media companies are encouraging people to get to the polls and vote.  With more than 46 million registered to vote, the turnout will be key in deciding the future[…]

Hodor tweeted a message for you, and it’s more than one word

Warning: the post is dark and full of spoilers. When you think about death on Game of Thrones, you probably don’t immediately feel warm and fuzzy. Yet, here we are. Fans were shocked when the lovable Hodor met his violent end on the series while protecting Bran from the White Walkers. And while you’ll never[…]


It’s Time for Marketing’s ‘Token Women’ to Shatter the Glass Holding Others Down

At this year's South by Southwest, I snuck into the back of a panel on bro culture called "Dude, Where's My Patriarchy?" On stage were four women on whom I have Twitter-crushed hard for a while: journalists Ana Marie Cox, Rachel Sklar and Jazmine Hughes, and communications powerhouse Tracy Sefl. The entire debate was healthy[…]


Microsoft created a bot to auto-caption photos and it’s going hilariously wrong

Mere weeks after Microsoft had to shut down its Tay chatbot for sending offensive tweets, the company might be in for another AI-related embarrassment.  This time, the culprit is Captionbot, an AI experiment that tries to recognize what’s on a photo and come up with a text caption. Launched in late March, Captionbot actually does[…]