Facebook may have snuck an app into China’s App Store

Facebook is even more desperate to have a presence in China than we thought. The social network has been secretly testing a photo sharing app in the country, according to a new report in The New York Times.  SEE ALSO: Facebook is dangerous for Democracy—here’s why The app, reportedly called “Colorful Balloons” is apparently a[…]


Accenture Moves Deeper Into Design and Marketing With Its Latest Agency Acquisition

Accenture’s aggressive pivot into the agency world continues unabated. Accenture Interactive, the consulting giant’s marketing subsidiary, announced today it has acquired California-based design and marketing agency Wire Stone. Neither party disclosed the terms of the sale. According to a release, it is Accenture’s 15th such acquisition in the past five years. That includes digital strategy…[…]


‘The Emoji Movie’ inserts itself into ‘Handmaid’s Tale’ because brands are dumb

None of us needed further convincing that The Emoji Movie was irrelevant Hollywood #WhatsHotWithTheKids bullshit. But, like the smartphone smiley face movie nobody wanted, the esteemed folks running its social media channels gave us more reasons anyway. Over the weekend, amidst ICYMI photos of the film’s premiere, its official Twitter account published a photoshopped emoji[…]

This famous YouTuber is making the leap into esports

Shonduras, a high-profile content creator of Snapchat and YouTube fame, is tackling a brand new endeavor: running his very own esports team. He joins other sports and media celebrities who have made the jump into esports team ownership. Read more… More about Youtube, Gaming, Snapchat, Social Media, and Esports Social Media


Ikea Packages Instructions With Its Blue Bag on How to Cut It Into Other Useful Products

Ikea’s top designer spoke in Amsterdam this week about the company’s commitment to sustainability. Well, here’s a fun example. In Dubai, the retailer started including instruction kits with its iconic blue Frakta bag, showing people how to give it a second life–as a baby bib, an apron, a picnic mats or even a pet raincoat…[…]


This Agency Turned Its Office Into a Crazy Airbnb That Got Jonathan Mildenhall’s Attention

An 80-person agency in Phoenix called OH Partners managed to pull off quite a stunt in the last 24 hours, all in the name of getting Airbnb CMO Jonathan Mildenhall’s attention. Not only did the agency convert its office space into a “Spacious Phoenix penthouse suite” Airbnb listing–complete with one comfy bed fit for a…[…]


The Duplass Brothers Explain Why They’re Jumping Into the Ad World With the Creative Shop Donut

Over a decade ago, Mark and Jay Duplass made waves in the independent filmmaking world with their down-to-earth, low-budget approach. Now the brothers behind HBO’s short-lived Togetherness and the upcoming anthology comedy Room 104, as well as films like Blue Jay for Netflix–they’re prolific–are moving into the ad space with Donut, a new Los Angeles-based…[…]


How Agencies Are Channeling Their Pre-election Passions Into Trump-Era Political Activism

Months before Pepsi’s perfect storm of cultural controversy, 2016 laid waste to the myth that advertising is an inherently apolitical business. President Donald Trump inspires strong opinions like he attracts Twitter followers–and in the months leading up to last year’s election, the American ad industry appeared to achieve a rare moment of consensus in opposition…[…]


UEG Hires Creative and Strategy Leads, Moves Further Into ‘Traditional’ Agency Turf

United Entertainment Group has hired two agency veterans to lead its cross-client creative and strategy operations in an effort to compete more directly with “traditional” ad agencies. Subodh Samudre and Tom Howells will serve as ecd and vp of strategic planning, respectively, in the agency’s SoHo headquarters, effective immediately. The purpose of the hires, according…[…]


How Celebrity Pup ‘Doug the Pug’ Is Turning Internet Fame Into Merchandising Dollars

Laura Perks still remembers the day in October 2015 when she got an anxious call from one of her toy buyers. The man sounded a little desperate. The holiday shopping season was coming, and a top executive at TJX Companies (operators of Marshall's and T.J. Maxx) made it clear she wanted some plush pugs on[…]


Meet the guy who pranked Infowars into publishing fake Trump news

A Scottish man has played a prank on alt-right conspiracy site Infowars, by tricking it into publishing a totally, completely false report about president-elect Donald Trump.  Markus Muir, 27, set up a fake Twitter account in which he pretended to be working for NBC and sent direct messages to Infowars editor-at-large Paul Joseph Watson, claiming[…]