Put down the glitter. This app adds sparkles to your Instagrams.

Everything in this world needs, nay deserves, sparkles. Be they in glitter, confetti—or thanks to a viral app—digital form.  SEE ALSO: Say hi to Sarahah, the anonymous messaging app ruining Snapchat for teens Step away from the glitter, people. The kirakira+ app adds actual✨ sparkles✨ to videos as you’re taking them. But, while it’s great[…]

Everything you need to know about using Instagram’s archive feature

Instagram released its Archive feature in June, but you might not know what it’s for or how to use it.  Archive lets you hide photos and videos from your profile without completely deleting them. That way, you can bring them back later if you want to do so.  SEE ALSO: Apple’s Instagram account reeks of[…]

Instagram’s most-liked posts of 2016 utterly dominated by one person

In 2016, there was only one queen of Instagram. That’s singer Selena Gomez, who despite taking a 14-week break from social media this year, dominated the top five most-liked posts on the social media platform.  SEE ALSO: How Selena Gomez turned vulnerability into her greatest strength Her most-liked photo had 5.9 million likes and was[…]


Why Instagram’s new icon and black and white design suck

I hate the new Instagram icon. You can disagree, but you’re still wrong.  Instagram finally changed its app icon this week and, boy, did the Internet react. The iconic instant camera icon — with a glass lens, viewfinder, brown leather wrap and rainbow, alongside the word “Insta” in the corner is gone. SEE ALSO: 10 app[…]


Taylor Swift Falls for Instagram’s 60-Second Ad Format in Amusing Apple Music Spot

In a new spot for Apple Music, Taylor Swift doesn't have a problem making a fool of herself in the best way possible, while running on a treadmill listening to Drake and Future. And while the results look painful, the viral success is paying off.  It should be easy for Swift to shake it off—the[…]


13 landscape and portrait photos that embrace Instagram’s latest update

Last week, we challenged you to use Instagram’s latest update to share your best landscape and portrait photographs Our guest host was Jovell Rennie, a talented Alaska-based photographer who has grown a large network on Instagram over the last few years “Being a part of the Instagram community, I’ve learned that photos really do tell[…]


Photo challenge: Utilize Instagram’s support for non-square photos

Instagram’s latest update announced native support for landscape and portrait-shaped photos. This was big news for all, but especially for landscape photographers. We want you to embrace the new feature for this week’s Mashable Photo Challenge. No more white borders, no more awkward crops Share with us your view — whether out your window, on[…]


13 surreal Instagrams that will make your imagination run wild

Last week, we challenged you to illustrate ideas in your conceptual photographs. Your submissions are an impressive collection of surreal edits, carefully staged shots and beautiful sceneries that can tell many stories, leaving interpretation to the viewer See also: 20 photos that creatively utilize negative space Chris Rivera, a fine art photographer who specializes in[…]


Illustrate a concept in Instagram’s square frames for our photo challenge

For this week’s photo challenge, go beyond a simply beautiful photograph and aim to illustrate an idea in your square frames Conceptual photography is the art of getting a concept across to your audience by using just the contents of a photo. Be it a literal depiction of the phrase walking on clouds or a[…]


Women protest Instagram’s #curvy ban with creative hashtagging

Forget curvy — curvee is where it’s at. Savvy Instagram users discovered earlier this week that photos and videos tagged with #curvy are banned from being searched on the social media platform. To protest the ban and reclaim their bodies, female users have started using the hashtag #curvee See also: 8 times Instagram policed women’s[…]


This fabulous new algorithm shows you how to look fashionable in Instagrams

Is this the same techniques Cher’s fashion-centric computer used in Clueless? If you post #OOTD (or outfit of the day) pictures on Instagram, than this study was made for you. Four researchers from the University of Toronto have developed an algorithm that will study your photograph and tell you how to dress more fashionably See[…]