VML’s God-is Rivera Fosters Diversity Inside the Agency and Among Clients

Whether she was launching her own PR agency or overseeing social media strategy at digital firms like iCrossing and T3 or covering entertainers as a freelance writer, God-is Rivera has always been passionate about including people of all cultures, ethnicities and backgrounds not just in the marketing industry, but in the creative work that agencies…[…]


Agency London in New York Literally Set Up a Work Space Inside the Metropolitan Opera House

Many ad agency executives' jobs take them to unique locations. But very few have had the opportunity to work in an environment quite like this one. London in New York, a new shop founded by partners and co-creative directors Carolyn London and Michael Vadino, launched this month. And unlike every other agency in New York,[…]


Ad of the Day: Google Set This Gorgeous Father-Daughter VR Story Entirely Inside a Car

The gifts parents give their children last a lifetime. It's a familiar trope, but one illustrated to poignant effect in a new six-minute animation from Google Spotlight Stories, the tech company's 360-degree film group. Titled "Pearl," the unbranded video follows the life of young woman and her musician father, as she grows up, and he[…]


A digital quest: Inside the connected world of 13-year-olds

With each generation the public consciousness conjures up a new fear for our youth: where once it was rock ‘n’ roll, today the concern is that teenagers’ lives are dominated by digital media. The worry is that the digital deluge may affect their capacity to learn, to converse, to spell, and more besides. Have they[…]


You can now share Spotify music inside of Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger threads are about to get a lot more musical. Facebook added a new Spotify integration to its messaging platform, the company announced Wednesday. The new feature allows people to share playlists and songs with friends inside of conversations on Messenger. See also: 10 hidden tricks to get the most out of Facebook Messenger[…]


Facebook plans to put ads inside Messenger, report says

Facebook may be looking at new ways to monetize Messenger. The social network plans to start putting ads inside of its messaging platform, according to a new report from TechCrunch. The ads could launch in the next couple months, though the format of the ads is unclear. See also: 10 hidden tricks to get the[…]


Inside the Philadelphia 76ers’ Marketing Locker Room with CMO Tim McDermott

Professional sports marketing is truly in a league of its own. In fact, being CMO for a pro team requires many analogous skills to actually playing said sport: agility, flexibility, a winning strategy and, increasingly, a cunning grasp on a whole lot of stats. Social Media Today RSS


16 celebrity Instagram photos from inside the White House Correspondents’ Dinner

U.S. President Barack Obama wasn’t the only one who let loose at Saturday night’s White House Correspondents’ Dinner Actors, models, athletes, musicians, politicians and, of course, journalists slipped into gowns and tuxedos for what’s become known as “Nerd Prom” — a term that, as the Washington Post pointed out, hardly fits considering the A-list crowd.[…]