The Salvation Army’s Holiday Series Uses Animation to Evoke Compassion, Not Guilt

Through a series of animated stories, The Salvation Army is delicately shedding light on the many “battles” people in need face during the holiday season–while trying to avoid guilting those in a position to help. The “Fight For Good” holiday campaign, created by the largest U.S. independent agency The Richards Group, is comprised of four…[…]

Snapchat now has holiday geofilters so prepare for an onslaught

If a party doesn’t have its own custom Snapchat filter, did it even happen?  Not according to Snapchat. The filter-friendly OGs launched a jolly new feature this Friday: holiday party filters, for all your celebratory needs.  Complete with winter-y borders, yule tide appropriate typography and of course, holiday Bitmojis in your likeness, the app’s on-demand[…]


How to Keep Holiday Cheer from Turning into Holiday Churn

For most retailers, the holidays are not merely the busiest shopping time; they can also determine just how good (or bad) a year is going to be. The number one problem? Churn. Five minutes after they check out, shoppers who were thrilled with their amazing bargains have already forgotten you exist. Given that the biggest[…]


Here Are the 4 Types of Shoppers You’ll See This Holiday Season

Timing is everything when it comes to holiday shopping. Using data from 120+ million bank accounts and 20+ billion annual card transactions, purchase intelligence firm Cardlytics identified four distinct types of holiday shoppers based on when they make their purchases. Understand their differences to target your campaigns more effectively.      Adweek : Advertising &[…]


Amazon Is Dominating Online Retail Going Into the Holiday Shopping Season

Some might say it's Amazon's online world, and the rest of us are just browsing in it. And while virtually roaming Amazon's real estate, many people also spend a crazy of time and money purchasing things from the merchant. Verto Analytics just released data comparing the top 15 retailers based on the online activities of 20,000[…]


A Forlorn Wooden Doll Finds Love at Her Local McDonald’s in Brand’s Holiday Ad

Ah, the holidays! A time for sharing, love and … McDonald's?  In "Juliette the Doll," a charming little ad by Leo Burnett London, a toyshop owner pulls a vintage doll, Juliette, out of a fading box. "Maybe this year," he whispers, setting her in the window. Days pass. People make purchases. Unsurprisingly, our heroine is never[…]


The complete guide to wishing holiday cheer on social media

Every holiday, our social media feeds are flooded with photos and posts. They all start to look the same after a while. A pose with your dog by the Christmas tree, a group shot by the fire. See also: The best gift ideas of 2015 If you’re one of these people, you might be struggling[…]


AT&T Is Pulling Its Retail Ads This Holiday to Run This One Instead

AT&T finds itself in a bit of a bind at the holidays. Yes, it's a mobile-first company, but at this time of year, it can be irritating for families when kids spend all day on their phones. To address this, the company is pulling all the retail ads for its mobile business off TV and[…]


Cards Against Humanity Threatens to Cut a Picasso Into 150,000 Pieces This Holiday

Cards Against Humanity recently bought a Picasso. And it's now asking 150,000 people to vote whether to donate it to a museum or laser-cut it into 150,000 pieces. And I'm one of those people. Which Picasso? Tete de Faune—a 1962 Linocut print, of which the artist made a series of 50. They haven't said which[…]


Have Yourself a Bleaty Little Christmas With This Album of Holiday Songs Sung by Goats

In the spirit of the holiday season, and to finally upstage that classic recording of dogs barking "Jingle Bells," ActionAid Sweden and the Wenderfalck agency produced an album of Christmas carols … interpreted by bleating goats.  In addition to cashing in on goats as an Internet fad, the album—titled All I Want for Christmas Is a[…]


Getting Set up for the Online Holiday Shopping Season

The holiday season is officially here, which means millions of consumers will be pulling out their wallets (or purses) to buy those “hot” gifts. As a small business owner, you should capitalize on the holiday shopping trend by creating a sound online marketing strategy. Doing so will allow you to reach more customers and generate[…]


This Lip Balm-Maker Takes Holiday Flavors Beyond Even Starbucks Levels

'Tis nearly the season when food brands of all stripes participate in the annual ritual of fall: releasing holiday flavors. If it's a product that involves your taste buds, chances are there's some kind of limited-time flavor hitting store shelves right about now—from Tic Tac's Cherry Apple Twist (in red and green) to cinnamon and[…]


What You Need to Know about the 2015 Holiday Shopping Season [Infographic]

If you’re an eCommerce brand, you know how important the holiday shopping season is to your bottom line. This 2015 holiday shopping infographic details the importance of preparation and educates both retailers and consumers on the art of the holiday shopping season.  Social Media Today RSS


Facebook Improves Ad Options to Help Retailers Heading Into the Holiday Shopping Season

With the holiday season approaching, Facebook is updating it’s Dynamic Product Ad offering, which it introduced earlier this year. The new additions include cross-selling functionality, conversion optimization and improved in app options. Here’s how the new features will work.   Social Media Today RSS