Download this: Apple Music’s Facebook bot suggests songs based on emoji

Facebook and Apple have teamed up to bring a new, emoji-filled music recommendation feature to Facebook Messenger. The Facebook messaging app was updated this week with an Apple Music bot that can recommend songs and playlists based on emoji. SEE ALSO: 13 hidden features in iOS 11 The new bot surfaces music recommendations based on[…]


‘The Emoji Movie’ inserts itself into ‘Handmaid’s Tale’ because brands are dumb

None of us needed further convincing that The Emoji Movie was irrelevant Hollywood #WhatsHotWithTheKids bullshit. But, like the smartphone smiley face movie nobody wanted, the esteemed folks running its social media channels gave us more reasons anyway. Over the weekend, amidst ICYMI photos of the film’s premiere, its official Twitter account published a photoshopped emoji[…]

The real meaning of all those emoji in Twitter handles

Emoji have become Twitter’s very own digital bumper stickers or laptop decorations. The tiny images next to your handle are yet another way to express yourself online. SEE ALSO: U.S. visa applicants may have to hand over their social media handles An image is worth a thousand words, after all, and an emoji certainly adds[…]

Win this contest by making your own anti-bullying emoji

Most young people know how they’d like to respond to teasing, harassment and abuse as a victim or bystander, but it’s not always possible to act on those intentions. SEE ALSO: How to avoid becoming the bully you hate on social media That’s why the I Am A Witness campaign debuted an anti-bullying emoji last[…]

Interracial couples emoji app and hashtag launches to promote the film ‘Loving’

Love is love, and it seems that emojis may have finally nudged closer to representing real life. Focus Features have launched a new app and Twitter hashtag emoji to promote their new film Loving, starring Joel Edgerton and Ruth Negga.  Made up of stickers featuring a diversity of interracial couples, the Loving Emoji app is[…]

How to stand up to bullies with a simple emoji

The first day of school can be nerve-wracking. Between new teachers, harder subjects and quickly forming cliques, it’s easy to feel like an outsider.     As if those worries weren’t enough, young people still regularly face harassment at school, off campus and online.   SEE ALSO: 4 myths that will change how you define bullying[…]

Fifth Harmony is giving fans the gift of emoji with their new album

The new Fifth Harmony album is upon us, and dancing in your bedroom while you get ready to get into trouble will never be the same. To celebrate the 5/27 release of 7/27 (named after the day the group formed), Fifth Harmony is unveiling a custom Twitter emoji that will appear every time you use[…]


Replace your Facebook Reactions with Pokémon and Donald Trump emoji

Not impressed by Facebook’s new “Reactions” options? The company recently rolled out Reactions as a Like button alternative that gives users six emoji to express emotions like love, amusement, sadness and anger. SEE ALSO: Facebook’s new Like button is here: Reactions are now available to everyone But if the built-in faces don’t do it for[…]


5 Ways to Boost Tweet Engagement with Emoji (According to Twitter)

Whether you like them or not, whether you use them or not, emoji are everywhere these days – and of all the platforms which emoji have infiltrated, Twitter may be seeing the biggest influx. To help brands work with this, Twitter’s released a guide to using emoji in your Twitter marketing.  Social Media Today RSS


Why Twitter’s Emoji Response Tool Makes Sense – New Data on Emoji Use on the Platform

Earlier this week, reports and examples suggested that Twitter might be working on a new emoji response tool which would enable users to replace the ‘heart’ icon for a like on a tweet with any one of 36 emoji options specifically aligned to your response. Why wold Twitter do that? There’s actually a lot of data that points to it being a logical, and[…]


Twitter launches a Diwali emoji for India’s festival of lights

Twitter has just launched the an emoji for the festival of Diwali in India, in the form of a traditional lamp or diya used to celebrate the festival. Twitter users can add the emoji by using the hashtag #HappyDiwali while composing a Tweet See also: Twitter rolls out special Pope Francis emoji, ’cause he’s #blessed[…]


How Are People Reacting to Facebook’s New ‘Reactions’ Emoji Responses?

Facebook has started testing it’s new ‘Reactions’ emotional response options, with users in Ireland and Spain being the first to get access to the new tools. So how are they being received? I asked users in both regions to get a feel for how the new functions are being used. Social Media Today RSS


Twitter’s first change under Jack Dorsey: Bigger emoji in DMs

Direct messages in Twitter just got a lot more fun. Twitter updated the way emoji look in direct messages on its website and mobile apps on Monday, making emoji significantly larger in size. Now, they resemble stickers used in other popular messaging apps like Facebook and Snapchat See also: The iPhone will finally get a[…]


Jordan Brand’s Hat-Tip to Jeter and Domino’s Emoji Ordering Win Grand Prix at Cannes

CANNES, France—Illustrating the far extremes of creativity honored at the Cannes, Jordan Brand's solemn send-off to Derek Jeter shared top honors today with Domino's emoji ordering service in the Titanium and Integrated Lions. The intentionally broad category, which covers almost any type of integrated marketing campaign (with Titanium Lions reserved for breakthrough ideas).  Jordan's "RE2PECT,"[…]


Top 10 Instagram emoji at the Met Gala — including a bee for Bey

The Met Gala‘s biggest celebs proved that social media cannot be stopped, no matter what Anna Wintour decrees See also: Rihanna’s Met Gala dress: We found memes in a hopeless place Many attendees broke the social media and selfie ban on Monday In fact, almost half of all Met Gala Instagrams featured emoji in the[…]