Oops: An Instagram bug let a hacker access phone numbers and email addresses

What’s shady, possibly wearing a hoodie, and is currently sitting on the stolen personal information of an untold number of high-profile Instagram users? That would be — SURPRISE! — a random hacker. Or several of them.   SEE ALSO: Remotely hacking ships shouldn’t be this easy, and yet … “We recently discovered that one or[…]

This email newsletter is required reading for the resistance in Trump’s America

After just three weeks with Donald Trump in office it’s hard to keep track of his tweets, appointments, executive orders and latest conflicts of interest.  But a daily email newsletter has emerged to help keep everyone’s heads from spinning off trying to keep up. Most importantly it answers the perpetual question of “WTF just happened[…]


3 Surprising Brain Facts Marketers Should Know About Email

There's a lot researchers are learning about consumer psychology and what drives us to make a purchase. Did you know our brains are actually programmed to engage with—or ignore—certain content, especially in email? From mysteriously phrased copy to images of food, danger and sex, there are lots of brain tricks marketers can use to trigger[…]


LinkedIn Looking to Further Reduce E-Mail Notifications, Improve Relevance

In an effort to further refine and improe their e-mail notifcation system, LinkedIn has detailed how they’re using a new, data-fuelled model to help refine and improve the quality and quantity of e-mail notifications they send users. Social Media Today RSS


The Ultimate Cheat Sheet for Email Marketing [Infographic]

Email marketing continues to be one of the cheapest and most effective ways to market businesses and brands of all sizes, yet marketers are still trying to crack the code and find the best recipe for their email marketing campaigns. Use this infographic as a guide when crafting your next email campaign. Social Media Today[…]


2 Ways To Unite Social Media and Email Marketing and Double Conversions

There’s nothing more disappointing as a marketer than slaving over a great piece of content, then not getting the downloads, registrations, or views you were hoping for. If your new lead numbers are plateauing here are two ways you can unite your social media promotion and email marketing efforts to double the views, conversions, and ultimately new customers from your marketing content.[…]