I know, I know … I’m using Instagram all wrong and I don’t care

Instagram has become a place where thirsty hipsters are regularly celebrated, and those who don’t follow the norms sink into a shameful oblivion. But I, for one, think these silly unspoken rules for dominating social media are a big pile of garbage — and so I never follow them.  SEE ALSO: 10 ways to create[…]

A security researcher just revealed a huge Myspace security flaw. (And yes you should care.)

Tom, u up? MySpace — you know that game-changing social media platform that you created and sold — appears to have some serious security issues, dude.  Security researcher Leigh-Anne Galloway shared a blog post on Monday detailing a huge security flaw she spotted on Myspace’s account recovery page back in April.  SEE ALSO: In honor of[…]


A Skin Care Brand Bravely Stood Up for China’s ‘Leftover’ Women Unmarried After 25

SK-II, a Chinese skin care brand, took over a so-called "marriage market"—where Chinese parents go to post elaborate personal ads for their daughters—to stand up for all the "leftover" women who aren't married, and are treated shamefully, after age 25. A "sheng nu," or "leftover woman," is a derogatory term for an unmarried woman over[…]


Exclusive Interview: Creating Content That People Actually Care About

Creating content that makes your readers want to keep reading (or subscribe) isn’t easy. Eli Schwartz, Marketing Director APAC for Survey Monkey, shared his secret sauce to creating awesome content, and told us how he measures the success of his content.  Social Media Today RSS


What Words Do You Use in Your Facebook Status Updates? (And Why Do I Care?)

In the last few days, a quiz from VonVon kept appearing in my Facebook feed, “What Are Your Most Used Words on Facebook.” My friends kept taking it. After pulling data from Facebook, the quiz site creates a word cloud of the words that most often appeared in a person’s status updates. Social Media Today RSS


Social Media, Privacy and Scams – 3 Recent Cases That Highlight the Need to Take Care

Every now and then a news story comes up that reminds you just how exposed we all are via social networks. Along these lines, there were three news stories this week that acted as something of a refresher on the ever-shrinking data proximity of our connected world. Each case, in a different way, serves as a[…]