KFC Will Bring Gaming to Instagram With the ‘Kentucky Fried Football Challenge’

Remember the old Mattel hand-held football video games? A modern-day version of the game is about to enter the social-media realm. On Jan. 4, KFC will debut a football video game on Instagram called the Kentucky Fried Football Challenge. With the college championship game on Jan. 11 and the NFL kicking off its playoffs soon,[…]


The Green Starbucks Cup, Designed to Bring People Together, Is Just Another Thing to Be Pissed About

Heading into the holiday season, Starbucks wants Americans to feel united again after a brutal election season. But Americans clearly just aren't ready for that. They want to fight—over the color of a cup. The coffee chain on Tuesday unveiled a limited-edition green cup, designed by artist Shogo Ota (below), who used a single line[…]


How social media helps bring shelter animals out of the shadows

While social media may often be more chore than reward for some people, it’s changed the lives of thousands of animals. As the internet has definitively proven, a photo of a kitten or a puppy is irresistible to humans, and animal rescue organisations are using Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to exploit our addiction for good.[…]


There’s already a way to bring back stars on Twitter

That was fast. Twitter officially replaced the stars that symbolized “favorites” with heart-shaped likes on Tuesday morning — and Twitter, appropriately, freaked out. So it shouldn’t be surprising that there’s already a Google Chrome extension that will bring the stars back to TwitterFav Forever, which rolled out to the Chrome Web Store just hours after[…]