Mark Zuckerberg apologizes for that awkward VR tour of Puerto Rico

Mark Zuckerberg has apologized, in a Facebook comment, for his recent virtual reality tour of Puerto Rico.  The Facebook CEO used the VR session to discuss Facebook’s relief efforts for Puerto Rico, which is recovering from Hurricane Maria, but his smiling avatar superimposed over the island’s ravaged streets did not sit well with everyone.  SEE[…]

Facebook apologizes for removing photo of nude Neptune statue

Facebook has come under fire again for blocking a photograph of a 16th-century statue of Neptune, the sea god, because it is “sexually explicit.”  SEE ALSO: Facebook has apologised for removing this cancer awareness video The famed statue stands in Piazza del Nettuno in the Italian city of Bologna and was chosen by local writer[…]


Thai Brand Apologizes for Blackface Ad That Said ‘You Just Need to Be White to Win’

A Thai company has apologized for producing an ad for a skin-whitening product that featured a woman in blackface and suggested people with dark skin are losers. The company, Seoul Secret, pulled the ad off YouTube on Friday, Reuters reports. The ad showed two women side by side, one of whom suddenly becomes dark-skinned, much[…]


McDonald’s Apologizes for Ripping Off Viral Photos of a Man Getting Engaged to a Burrito

McDonald's has apologized to freelance writer David Sikorski and photographer Kristina Bakrevski after they accused the fast-food chain of copying their cheeky "engagement" photos in which the object of Sikorski's affection is a burrito. Sikorski's pictorial series went viral a month ago following initial coverage in BuzzFeed. It shows him kicking back in the grass,[…]


Bic Apologizes for Women’s Day Ad That Mostly Just Made Women Furious

Bic continues to have trouble talking to women. The pen maker, which was the object of ridicule a few years ago for its absurd "Bic for Her" pens, failed spectacularly in South Africa this week, posting a tone-deaf ad on social media for national women's day that drew swift criticism—and soon led to an apology.[…]