Leo Burnett Group’s Arc Worldwide Expands After Winning MillerCoors

Arc Worldwide, the shopper marketing division of Leo Burnett Group, announced plans to expand its presence by opening new offices in New York and Northwest Arkansas and adding new names to its leadership team. The press release positions this expansion as an attempt to make the most of recent new business wins and to promote…[…]


Ikea Packages Instructions With Its Blue Bag on How to Cut It Into Other Useful Products

Ikea’s top designer spoke in Amsterdam this week about the company’s commitment to sustainability. Well, here’s a fun example. In Dubai, the retailer started including instruction kits with its iconic blue Frakta bag, showing people how to give it a second life–as a baby bib, an apron, a picnic mats or even a pet raincoat…[…]

Facebook is valiantly trying but failing to moderate hate speech in some languages

Efforts by Facebook to moderate content in one of its fastest-growing countries has evidently not been easy. Like what it’s doing in many other markets, the social media giant is trying to stem content deemed hateful in Myanmar.  SEE ALSO: This gripping app lets you ‘walk a mile’ in a 16-year-old refugee girl’s shoes The[…]


Coca-Cola Made Detachable Bottle Labels That Work as Wristbands for Music Festivals

No one does packaging stunts quite like Coca-Cola, and here’s another clever idea from the soda giant–bottle labels that detach and become working wristbands that young people can use to access music festivals. The wristbands, developed by McCann Bucharest, came in eight designs. Not every one granted access to a festival–you had to scan it…[…]


Seal Gets Eaten by a Shark in Discovery’s New Ad for Shark Week

No seal is safe during Shark Week. Not even Seal himself. That’s abundantly and amusingly clear from Discovery’s new Shark Week promo, from Los Angeles creative agency AV Squad, in which Grammy-winning singer is rudely interrupted as he performs his iconic song “Kiss From a Rose” on a jetty. AV Squad used director Peter McKeon,…[…]

White House staff wants to vet Trump’s tweets —good luck with that

President Donald Trump’s tweets cause crises so often we’re all just like, “Oh hey, there goes Donny T again, haha,” as some company he doesn’t like takes a stock hit or he suggests that maybe he records people who come to the Oval Office. The White House knows this is a problem. Next week, some[…]


This 4-Minute Ad for an All-Natural Deodorant Is About as Different as the Product Itself

Let’s talk personal hygiene. But to make a delicate subject slightly less awkward, how about we toss in some silly choreography, Oprah-style product giveaways and hippie satirist JP Sears? For its first advertising, all-natural deodorant brand PiperWai launched a four-minute digital short Thursday that crams in as many dance moves and yoga poses as ingredient…[…]

People are sharing their amazing love stories after Taiwan’s same-sex marriage ruling

In a landmark development on Wednesday (May 24), Taiwan’s top court issued a ruling that would pave the way for the island to become the first territory in Asia to legalise same-sex marriage.  10 of the top court’s 14 judges voted to rule that marriage should not be restricted to a man and a woman.[…]


Apple Again Tops Kantar Media’s List of the 5 Biggest Spenders on New TV Ads

Last week saw an overall increase in spending on national broadcast campaigns. Advertisers spent nearly $ 848 million compared with a little over $ 822 million the previous week, according to Kantar Media. Spending on placement for new creative also rose, from just under $ 89 million to nearly $ 122 million. Advertisers spent more[…]

You can have your own social media team for just $25,000 a month

Tom Bilyeu has a vision. It’s of a world in which Tom Bilyeu’s wisdom is available to you, aspiring business leader bereft of foresight, at any time, on any platform, in any medium, always and forever. “My product is educational content that changes your life,” says Bilyeu, 41, whose social media feeds are a never-ending[…]