Fort Lauderdale Welcomes 2017 With Ads Featuring Transgender Models

Fort Lauderdale tourism—which has been courting lesbian and gay visitors for decades—on New Year's Eve will roll out a new campaign that could be a first in the travel category, with transgender models starring in mainstream media ads. The Greater Fort Lauderdale Convention and Visitors Bureau advertising campaign, created by Fort Lauderdale-based Starmark International, is[…]

Our absurd political reality summed up in one tweet

Donald Trump is back to fanning the flames of his love affair with Russian president Vladimir Putin.  In a tweet (with no spelling mistakes!), Trump praised Putin’s decision to wait on expelling any U.S. diplomats from Russia in retaliation to President Barack Obama’s sanctions announced Thursday. Great move on delay (by V. Putin) – I[…]


KFC Will Bring Gaming to Instagram With the ‘Kentucky Fried Football Challenge’

Remember the old Mattel hand-held football video games? A modern-day version of the game is about to enter the social-media realm. On Jan. 4, KFC will debut a football video game on Instagram called the Kentucky Fried Football Challenge. With the college championship game on Jan. 11 and the NFL kicking off its playoffs soon,[…]


How Polaroid Is Utilizing Affordable Social Creators to Boost Sales

Polaroid marketers nowadays do not get the kind of budget their forerunners did three decades ago when sales were in the billions of dollars, and it hasn't had an ad agency of record in years. Yet, tech is helping the legendary brand make creativity a winnable in-house game. About 18 months ago, the brand's parent[…]

Paul Ryan wants to fine people who livestream from the House floor

Democrats led an epic sit-in (25 hours is nothing to sneeze at) on the House floor last June when House Speaker Paul Ryan refused to vote on gun control bills following the Pulse nightclub massacre.  Livestreams, tweets and other social media posts of the hours-long Democratic refusal to leave chambers spread all over the internet,[…]

The alt-right’s high school drama reveals a bigger struggle

We’re still a hair over three weeks from the inauguration of President-elect Donald Trump and the controversial alt-right movement that helped lift him to power is experiencing high school level infighting. SEE ALSO: Why Twitter thinks Richard Spencer isn’t offensive enough to be banned Like a Degrassi High storyline, the alt-right is up in arms[…]


Digital Advertising Grew Double Digits Again to Hit $17.6 Billion in Q3

Marketers spent 20 percent more year over year on digital advertising in the third quarter to total $ 17.6 billion, per the Interactive Advertising Bureau's report on Wednesday.  The space is well on its way well to exceed the $ 59.6 billion spent last year, as the IAB has tracked more than $ 50 billion[…]

India’s ruling party got volunteers to troll its critics, claims new book

There is no escaping trolling if you are on social media. More so, if you happen to be a popular figure.   The country with the second-largest internet population in the world saw its ruling party sponsor online trolls to chase down its opponents, including politicians, journalists and celebrities, claims a new book.  SEE ALSO:[…]


Ad of the Day: Unicef Follows Up With the Syrian Child Refugees From Its ‘Unfairy Tales’ Ads

The recent fall of Aleppo marked a turning point in Syria's long war, which began more than five years ago and reached its violent apex in 2016 as a numb and largely powerless world looked on.  Images of 5-year-old Omran Daqneesh riding in an ambulance after a bombing—covered in dust and dried blood and unaware[…]

YouTubers share new videos after saying they were kicked off plane for ‘speaking Arabic’

Two YouTube celebrities who claim they were removed from a Delta flight for speaking Arabic have shared additional footage after a livestream of the incident went viral. Adam Saleh and Slim Albaher were travelling from London to New York Wednesday when they were made to leave the aircraft.  In video and tweets Saleh shared from[…]