Why Marketers Must Move Beyond ‘Branded Content’ and Create Entertainment

As audiences migrate to commercial-free streaming platforms, more and more brands are looking to engage consumers through entertaining original programming. And the entertainment world has caught on to that reality. Rupert Maconick Hollywood is responsible for today's best adverts and promotional films, not advertisers. People are sometimes shocked by this idea, but it's absolutely true.[…]

Facebook launches its version of Snapchat lenses

Facebook is finally beginning to roll out its version of Snapchat’s animated lenses. The social network is now starting to add the feature to its live streaming service. The feature, called masks, will be available within Facebook’s app as well as the Mentions app for verified users. SEE ALSO: Facebook’s experimental app uses AI to[…]


Amid Disappointing Sales, Bud Light Calls for an Early End to Its Rogen-Schumer Campaign

"The Bud Light Party" has ended a little earlier than expected. AB InBev wrapped up its Wieden + Kennedy campaign starring Amy Schumer and Seth Rogen a few weeks ahead of schedule. The news comes on the heels of the company cutting its revenue forecast for the year in response to a disappointing third quarter that saw[…]


Facebook’s vote planner wants to help you understand your ballot

Facebook doesn’t just want to fill your feed with political articles and political rants. On Friday, the social network added a feature that explains what’s on your ballot and where the candidates stand. The feature, available on desktop and mobile here, shows the candidates for the national and state elections. Users can opt to see[…]


The World Wildlife Fund Made These Creepy Halloween Masks of Environmental Horrors

On Halloween, our greatest fears become playthings, cheeky options for dress-up and candy. But who's seriously afraid of vampires, zombies and werewolves anymore?  Our fears have changed. And the World Wildlife Fund of Canada thinks costumes should, too. With help from Sid Lee Toronto and the Sid Lee Collective, it's getting into the holiday spirit[…]

Student Snapchats selfie while driving, crashes into police car

Guys, don’t Snapchat pics while driving please.  SEE ALSO: Facebook launches its version of Snapchat lenses This is the appeal U.S. police has launched after a 19-year-old crashed into a police car while taking a Snapchat selfie.  Miranda Rader was arrested in Bryan, Texas, after the accident, which caused the airbag to deploy.  Don’t Drink[…]


Laura Desmond Steps Down From Publicis Groupe

Publicis Groupe announced today Laura Desmond will step down as chief revenue officer of Publicis Groupe, effective Dec. 31, 2016. Desmond took a leave of absence from her role beginning July 1, 2016, citing a family issue for her time off and will not return once her sabbatical concludes in January 2017. During her time[…]


The North Face Surprises Shoppers With a Free Jacket, but They Have to Zipline for It

The North Face is all about fun stunts in Korea, where it regularly gives shoppers unexpected surprises—and films them for videos that, as often as not, go viral. The most famous one was in 2014, when the brand created a pop-up store whose floor disappeared, forcing the startled shoppers to have to engage in some[…]

You are definitely not alone in being worn out by this election

You’re not the only one sick of seeing posts about Trump on Facebook.  More than one-third of social media users are worn out by seeing political posts in their feeds, according to a new report from Pew Research Center. Somehow, twenty percent of those polled liked seeing political posts, and 41 percent didn’t feel strongly[…]