Consuming Too Much Info? You Might Be Infobese, Say These Very Strange Ads (NSFW)

There's more than one way to feel the flab. But however much time you spend on the treadmill, French ad publication Influencia hopes to draw your attention to a more insidious fitness foe you may be overlooking—infobesity.  It's getting the conversation started with a surreal campaign from Glory Paris. "We consume information without verifying it,[…]

Social media documents New Jersey train crashing into station during rush hour

As rush hour was in full swing on Thursday, tweets filtered out with dramatic accounts from people on a New Jersey train. The train failed to stop as it came into Hoboken Station in New Jersey, smashing into commuters standing on the platform and destroying parts of the train station. At least one person has[…]


Columbia Sportswear Is Making Job Candidates Literally Climb Mountains for Interviews

There's been no dearth of dubious job titles in the recent years, thanks in large part to the tech boom. But outerwear marketer Columbia Sportswear is reaching for new and awesome heights with its tongue-in-cheek "director of toughness" role—and this time around, it's really making candidates work for the gig. A new ad from agency[…]

The rise of Pepe the Frog is another sign of hate festering online

The ubiquitous green internet amphibian known as Pepe the Frog has been added to the Anti-Defamation League’s database of hate symbols. It’s yet another sign that neo-Nazi and white nationalist propaganda is proliferating online.  The Anti-Defamation League’s hate symbols database is crowded with acronyms and photos of tattooed hate symbols, but the group has recently[…]


All Video Content is Not Created Equal

A great deal of conversation has been circling around video metrics on platforms, such as average view time, completion rate, etc. But reall, companies should be focused more on the quality of the video content. The classic quote somewhat applies: “if you build it, they will come” – however, make sure the thing you’re building will resonate with[…]

Women’s mag tweets without a link for context are absurdly hilarious

If you’re going to run a program that sends out automatic tweets, you might want to check it once in a while, lest it begin resembling an acid-induced bad dream. Australian magazine Women’s Weekly (think O Magazine but more suburban) were recently caught sending out tweets on their account without linking to anything. For days.[…]


New York City FC’s First Brand Spot Is a Gritty Paean to the City It Calls Home

When Major League Soccer began play in 1996, those of us who lived in New York City had only one team to root for—the New York/New Jersey MetroStars. But despite their odd hybrid name, they were pretty solidly a New Jersey team. They played out at Giants Stadium, and those of us coming from Manhattan[…]

A round-up of how to register to vote on social media

National Voter Registration Day is Tuesday.  Google doodle celebrated the occasion on Monday, following the lead of Facebook and Snapchat and urging its users to vote. Now Instagram, Uber, and Twitter are joining in on the movement. SEE ALSO: Google will help you register to vote with a new ‘Doodle’ Instagram Starting Tuesday, Instagram will[…]


A Hyper-Targeted Audience Is Not Necessarily the Right Audience

There's a reason Procter & Gamble is pumping the brakes on its Facebook targeting efforts. And it's no coincidence that Y&R's CEO contends it's time to rethink ad targeting. While targeting is a valuable tool for marketers, its lack of context and accuracy annoys consumers to the point where they're opting out of ads altogether,[…]

Daisy Ridley reveals exactly why she quit Instagram

LONDON — Remember when Daisy Ridley deactivated her Instagram account last month? At the time, there was speculation the Star Wars actress had quit following the negative attention one of her posts about gun violence received. SEE ALSO: Instagram is rolling out its tool to filter offensive comments to all users Then there were reports[…]


The Straightforward Guide to Mobile Ad Measurement

Most marketers understand the power and potential of mobile ads—they just don't know how to measure it. The perceived lack of integrated campaign KPIs has caused CMOs to hesitate in their commitment to mobile. In fact, a Millward Brown study conducted last year found that nearly 80 percent of marketers would like to increase mobile[…]