Diversity Advocates Are Dumbfounded as Saatchi Chairman Claims Gender Bias Is ‘Over’

Depressing. Damaging. Nonsense. Dead wrong. These are just a few of the many terms being used to describe Saatchi & Saatchi chairman Kevin Roberts' recent comments on women in advertising, and the chorus of angry voices is likely to continue growing. This week, when asked about the ongoing industry discussion of gender balance and the[…]

Facebook’s new video feature will help you relive the best parts of your birthday

Facebook is giving users a new way to look back on their birthdays.  The company is starting to roll out a new video tool that automatically creates a video the day after your birthday to highlight photos and messages from friends. SEE ALSO: Facebook’s live videos can now be twice as long In the same[…]


Saatchi Chairman Kevin Roberts Placed on ‘Leave of Absence’ Over Gender Comments

Saatchi & Saatchi Chairman Kevin Roberts has been asked by his agency's holding company, Publicis Groupe, to take a leave of absence due to his recent, dismissive comments about gender balance and women in leadership. Publicis' Supervisory Board will then "further evaluate his standing," according to a statement released today by the holding company. Saatchi's[…]

The theories that fueled the hysteria around YouTuber Marina Joyce

There is a bizarre internet conspiracy brewing and if you have not yet heard the name Marina Rose Joyce, we are here to enlighten you.  Marina Rose Joyce is a YouTube celebrity from the UK, who kicked off her career at just 15 years old. The now 19-year-old is known for her upbeat videos about[…]


19 Mind-Bending Videos From Advertising’s Stop-Motion Master

Short film maestro PES has just signed with BlinkInk, a sensible arrangement that positions the guy who made Honda's Emmy-nominated "Paper" under the same roof as the Layzell Bros (of Harvey Nichols' "Shoplifters") and Greg Barth (whose Hello Play! 360-degree video has the kind of dreamworld weirdness that Michel Gondry pines for). To celebrate—because we'll take any[…]

Snapchat releases a massive selection of geofilters in Sydney

Ah, the tyranny of distance. Australia knows it all too well. We may be technically living in the future, time-zone wise, but we’re often told we’re years behind in other regards — the least of which being Snapchat geofilters. But this Friday, that all changed. After months of being offered only the bland ol’ seagull[…]


Jagermeister Creates Pop-Up Ad Agencies to Give Recent College Grads a Taste of the Industry

What's the best way for a brand geared toward twentysomethings to develop marketing campaigns tailored to that audience? Hire and mentor them. In April, Jagermeister launched Concept 56, a six-month program for recent college grads in Nashville and Detroit. The brand built temporary ad agencies where participants can get real world paid experience by working[…]

How images like #DonDaleKids let us ‘perform’ our shock and outrage

His head hangs forward, enclosed in a white bag known in rough prison parlance as a “spit hood.” His young chest exposed, two black straps tie his shoulders to the chair. The harrowing image of then-17-year-old Dylan Voller, taken from the ABC’s investigation into the ‘torture’ of young people at the Don Dale Youth Detention[…]


U.S. Women’s Soccer Hopes These Charming Animated Videos Will Keep Fans Interested After the Olympics

The U.S. Women's Soccer team thrilled fans last year with its epic World Cup win, and it's set to do it again starting next week at the 2016 Olympics. Last week, U.S. Soccer launched an animated video series to fire people up to watch the team compete for its fourth consecutive gold medal in Rio[…]

How the Clinton campaign is slaying social media

In June, Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign scored one of the sickest election season burns. Republican presidential nominee Donald J. Trump had just gone after President Barack Obama for backing Clinton in the race. “Obama just endorsed Crooked Hillary. He wants four more years of Obama — but nobody else does!” Trump tweeted.  Five minutes later,[…]