BBDO Wins Tropicana, Expanding Its PepsiCo Client Roster

BBDO has won lead creative duties on the Tropicana account after a review. "We are excited to work with BBDO to help bring great marketing to life for Tropicana in 2016," says Rachel Fiely, the client's senior director of marketing. This win marks an expansion of the Omnicom network's relationship with parent company PepsiCo. BBDO[…]


A model and her BFF have mastered the perfect response to dick pics

Some men simply do not know how to try and attract women. One model wants to help them learn While many women ignore unsolicited dick pics, model Emily Sears and her BFF Laura have found a much more productive way to deal with them. See also: Ice cream ad is kindly telling you to stop[…]


Should CISOs Allow Employees To Use Social Media Messengers At Work?

If your boss walks by your desk, and you have an instant messaging service like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Skype, Google Hangouts, or Slack open — even if you’re just innocently chatting with a coworker about an upcoming project — you probably immediately switch tabs, don’t you? It’s strange, but most people don’t yet recognize that[…]


Here Are 4 Common Methods That Ad Fraudsters Use to Make Their Ill-Gotten Money

We all know bot-fueled ad fraud is a major problem for digital marketers, but how exactly does it work? Who makes money off fradulent ad views, and how do they insert themselves into the process? There's been a consistent thread of reports in the past couple of years about ad fraud that marketers have rightfully[…]


Shutterstock Highlights Rising Creative Trends from Around the World in Annual Report [Infographic]

Shutterstock released their 2016 Creative Trends report, which highlights some interesting trends to note, based on the most downloaded images, video and audio from their library, narrowed down to each region. Social Media Today RSS


These 6-second Vine creations were so good they took home $10,000

The Armstrong Vine Awards hosted at Mashable headquarters Friday night gave you one day to play and six seconds to convince. The competition saw more than 400 submissions across seven categories: art, comedy, animation, illusion, music, series and remix. Each category was judged by some of Vine’s most talented users. See also: Photography challenge pushes[…]


Lego Unveils Its First Disabled Minifigure in a Good Week for Inclusivity

Lego has released its first young disabled minifigure, and everyone wants to talk about it. I know what you're thinking. With all the millions of kinds of Legos out there, how could this possibly be a first? Well, it's a qualified first. Lego previously received criticism for releasing an elderly minifig with a wheelchair into[…]


How Giphy got its start: The 2 guys behind the great GIF search engine

One afternoon in December, Giphy’s two dozen staff members gathered around a long picnic table in their Lower East Side Manhattan office for a year-in-review meeting. The multicolored Christmas lights and six packs of Shiner Bock in the spacious, ninth-floor room made for a festive vibe — as did the 3D poster of a cat[…]


Barbie Suddenly Looks (More) Normal, Right in Line With the Marketing Zeitgest

After 50 years of sporting an oft-criticized combo of thin waist, thin limbs and large breasts, Barbie finally has a new body. Actually, a few new bodies. The new Barbie Fashionistas line features different body types—curvy, tall, petite—as well as varied skin tones, face shapes, and hair colors. A far cry from the Barbie of[…]


Amazon to Air Its First Super Bowl Ad, Starring Alec Baldwin and Dan Marino

Amazon will air its first-ever Super Bowl ad on Feb. 7, Adweek has confirmed, and it has recruited Alec Baldwin for his first Super Bowl campaign since Hulu in 2009. The company released a teaser Wednesday, in which the actor is seen planning an epic Super Bowl party with legendary NFL quarterback Dan Marino. Amazon's[…]


Mumbai Police is winning hearts with its witty tweets

Since joining Twitter in December, Mumbai Police has been steadily wining Twitter with its witty 140-character wordplay. Over the last months, its accounts have tweeted public service messages on issues such as cyber stalking, traffic safety and an anti-drugs campaign, but with a dose of humour. See also: A tweet helps Indian Railways rescue a[…]