For Halloween, a Chicago Hot Dog Stand Is Dressed as McDowell’s From Coming to America

Sexual Chocolate may not have been on hand to play the opening celebration, but McDowell's still came to life in style this week—albeit a bit outside of Queens. Chicago's Wiener's Circle, known for its sassy back-and-forth between late-night customers and staff, has decorated for Halloween as McDowell's, the fictional hamburger chain where Prince Hakeem (Eddie[…]


#ScaryStats uses data to reveal the horror of inequality

The realities of inequality are downright spooky. The proof is in the statistics — hard facts shed light on various inequalities and their real-life impacts, and show how they deserve attention and action every day. But social disparities are gaining special notice Friday, thanks to an innovative hashtag building on the momentum of the scary[…]


Johnson & Johnson’s Global Media Follows Its U.S. Biz to J3

In this year of media account shifts, UM's J3—IPG Mediabrands' dedicated unit for Johnson & Johnson—has now twice scored major assignments from the marketer. Today, J3 added global media chores for J&J, just a month after the agency picked up the company's domestic business. Both assignments were made following separate reviews. In a statement, J&J[…]


Bestselling Indian author Chetan Bhagat doesn’t know what historians do

Chetan Bhagat is famous for churning out bestselling novels, writing scripts for Bollywood films, penning weekly columns, judging a dance reality show, and stirring up the occasional fight on Twitter. Today morning, Bhagat sparked off a Twitter war by tweeting about a recent statement of protest signed by over 50 top Indian historians, expressing concern[…]


Adidas Taps Influencers for a Unique Run Through the Streets of New York

In preparation for the New York City Marathon this weekend, Adidas gathered a team of social media-savvy athletes to race through New York promoting its Energy Running movement and the Energy Boost line. The 5K run, which tapped influencers—including running coach Robin Arzon, MC Barao and dancer Ally Love—took participants on a unique 3.1-mile route[…]


Facebook just made it easier to share content from other apps

Facebook is redesigning the way its iOS users share content from third-party apps inside of Facebook. The social network showed off a new share extension for iOS Wednesday that makes it easier for people to control what they are sharing and who they share updates with See also: Facebook just made it easier to talk[…]


Snapchat Adds Three New Tools and a Whole Heap of New Content Opportunities

Snapchat has added new tools, enabling users to show videos in fast speed, reverse or slow motion. It’s the latest in their efforts to maintain fun and interaction on the platform, something Snapchat excels at – but will it be enough to justify the platform’s $ 16 billion valuation? Social Media Today RSS


Pets Rescue Their Humans in This Touching British Ad for Animal Adoption

One woman is less lonely while working from home. A teenager finds comfort while suffering from alopecia. A doctor's orders help a man battle depression. What do they all have in common? A loving pet. This new ad for U.K. animal shelter Battersea examines the uniformly sweet, if occasionally goofy, ways in which humans relate[…]


10 Reasons You Need an Integrated Digital Marketing, Social Media Strategy and Plan

Some digital marketers still buy into the the thought process of “if you build it they will come”. Sorry folks, but “build it and they will come” has never been a recipe for success for smart, social and savvy digital and social marketers. It simply doesn’t work that way. Social Media Today RSS


If Mark Zuckerberg has his way, annoying Candy Crush requests may be a thing of the past

It’s no secret that the world is divided into two camps: Candy Crush addicts and those who despise getting invitations to play the game. So it came as no surprise that the top-voted question at Mark Zuckerberg’s first-ever town hall Q&A session in India was ‘How can I stop getting Candy Crush invites?’ See also:[…]


REI Will Be Closed on Black Friday, and Pay Its 12,000 Employees Not to Work That Day

REI is the latest brand to declare war on Black Friday, with the outdoor retailer saying it will be closed the day after Thanksgiving this year, and will pay its 12,000 employees as though it were a regular workday, "so they can do what they love most—be outside." The campaign, called #OptOutside, was developed by[…]


Social Advocacy and Politics: What’s in a Name?

The language people use to talk about an issue tells a lot about their views on that issue. We never hear a pro-life person talk about how they are anti-choice, nor a pro-choice person call themselves anti-life. Similarly, we know that people who use the #GlobalWarming hashtag are more likely to be climate skeptics and deniers than[…]


Facebook’s new notifications tab could replace your calendar reminders

Of all the ways the Facebook app has changed over the years, its notifications tab is one of the few areas that has remained mostly untouched. Until now. The company will begin to roll out a new look for the notifications tab in its iOS and Android apps in the coming weeks; the redesign will[…]


Twitter Launches New Audience Analytics Tool Called ‘Brand Hub’

As part of Twitter’s ongoing efforts to highlight the strengths and benefits of the platform to a wider audience, the micro-blog giant has today released a new audience analysis tool called ‘Brand Hub’ which offers new insights into elements like share of voice, audience demographic profiles and additional detail into the ‘what’ and ‘how’ of people talking about[…]