Transform recyclables into practical items for our Vine challenge

Recycling not only benefits the environment, but it also can help you save money and breathe new life into waste. For this week’s Vine challenge, use recycled materials — paper, plastic, metal, fabric or glass — to create something useful. This theme is brought to you by Mashable and PepsiCo, as part of its sustainability[…]


What Brands Stand to Gain From Sustainability Partnerships

For today's brands, sustainability is a lot more than an eco-friendly label. To bill a product as "sustainable," its manufacturing must be easier on the environment in tangible ways, such as minimizing the use of energy and water or replacing toxic chemicals with more benign ones. And above all, a product should never pose a[…]


What Kinds of Advertising Do People Trust the Most? [NEILSEN POLL]

Neilsen just released the 2015 results of their Global Trust in Advertising poll. Overall, the numbers are slightly lower than they were in 2013. When you are trying to decide where to put your advertising dollars, you need to know what kind of content and what media people trust. Social Media Today RSS


Social Advocacy and Politics: In Search of the Holy Grail of Social Advocacy

The search for the Grail has consumed many a person over the past to thousand years, both fictional and real, so much so that “searching for the Grail” has become a meme more universal than even naming every American political scandal “-gate.” What makes the search for the Grail such a powerful meme is its[…]


Don’t believe that privacy hoax all over your Facebook feed

Sound the alarms: Facebook is about to start charging a monthly fee to keep your data private! It’s all over your News Feed, so it must be true! Just kidding. The social media giant, in truth, is doing nothing of the sort. But that hasn’t stopped everyone from sharing statuses that warn people to post[…]


Agency HR Head on Creative Hiring and Talent as the Ultimate Differentiator

Specs Current gig Evp of human resources at RAPP Previous gig Executive director of global talent acquisition and management at Avon Products Twitter @DoudCarolyn Age 42 Adweek: What led you to the agency world after working in consumer products with Avon and ConAgra Foods?  Carolyn Doud: A lot of things came together at once for me. I[…]


Facebook Announces it Now Has 2.5 Million Advertisers, New Ad Features

Facebook has today announced that it now has 2.5 million active advertisers, up from two million just seven months ago. In addition to the milestone, Facebook has announced four new ad features which they’re hoping will help them on their way to reaching 3 million advertisers in 2016.  Social Media Today RSS


The State Of Digital Marketing Skills 2015 [Infographic]

Smart Insights, eCommerce Expo and Technology for Marketing and Advertising have joined forces to asses the digital skills gap, creating an infographic which reveals how many marketers possess the digital skills needed to succeed, which skills they wish to improve and how organizations can support staff skills in digital development. Social Media Today RSS


Mark Zuckerberg praises Digital India during town hall with Indian Prime Minister

MENLO PARK, Calif. — Facebook hosted Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi Sunday for a townhall Q&A with CEO Mark Zuckerberg. The event comes on day two of the prime minister’s visit to Silicon Valley, where he has met with investors and CEOs to encourage investment in his country. Speaking at Facebook’s headquarters, Modi took questions[…]


Ad of the Day: This Space Mission Shows Everything Wrong With Advertising Today

What better way to kick off Advertising Week that with the ultimate brand fail? The brand this time is AstroBoost, an energy drink you've probably never heard of (for reasons that will soon become clear). Lots of brands want to go to space lately, but when AstroBoost tried to do so, it didn't exactly work[…]


Optimizing Landing Pages for Lead Generation

The strength of a business’ online presence is often indicative of their ability to maintain established customer relationships, while also engaging new potential customers. Inbound marketers therefore must expend much of their time and effort implementing channels that drive traffic to their websites, relying on landing pages built to convert leads into paying customers. Social[…]


What kind of world do you want to see in 2030 and beyond?

Mashable’s special #2030Now chat discussed how technology can change our communities and the world for the better See also: Get inspired for Mashable’s 2015 Social Good Summit in a #2030Now Twitter chat Over the course of an hour, @socialgood covered an array of questions, ranging from what kind of world people want to live in[…]


How 6 Creatives Around the World Are Helping Refugees Reclaim Their Identities

For advertising folks looking for a way to be part of something bigger than themselves, this inspiring story might just do the trick. Six creatives from different parts of the world joined forces to launch I Am Not a Refugee, a site designed to help refugees find work appropriate to their skills. It does so[…]


How to Get Your Influencers to Share Your Content

Companies of all size—from small businesses to Fortune 100 corporations—are starting to take their content creation and marketing seriously. Whether that’s because they know quality content is part of Google’s algorithm for SEO or because they’ve heard that content marketing is “in” right now doesn’t matter. The important thing is that businesses today are mindful[…]


Facebook updates a long-ignored feature

Facebook’s experimental makeover of Notes, the features that lets you write nicely-formatted long posts, was apparently a success Now the social network is making its redesign official, Facebook revealed Friday. The refreshed version of Notes is available to everyone. The company has largely ignored Notes for years; the last major update was in 2010 —[…]


This Ad Festival Is Like a Wrestling Tournament for Those Tired of Kicking Local Ass

In a little over a month, advertising pros from a wide range of countries will gather at the annual El Ojo de Iberoamérica festival in Buenos Aires. To promote the festival and its award show's rapidly approaching entry deadline (which is actually today, though we've heard you can ask politely for a brief extension), the organizers[…]