An IRL place to buy the Internet’s most popular makeup

Die-hard beauty fans can now test and purchase products from their Instagram feeds in one IRL location Ricky’s NYC, a chain beauty store with a mix of indie and established brands, opened a concept cosmetic store called “#” (pronounced “Hashtag”), which sells 20 beauty brands made famous by Instagram. The store features eclectic brands like[…]


What Agencies Can Learn From the Frenzied Creative Blitz to End California’s Drought

The advertising and marketing community is home to some of the most imaginative minds in business. We use creativity to solve problems every day. So we decided that it was time to use that brainpower to solve an important issue facing every Californian. In June, our invention team here at Deutsch, in partnership with USC,[…]


Snapchat Charging for Video Ad Views After Less Than a Second – How Should Video Ads be Charged?

There’s a range of factors that contribute to the overall effectiveness of a video ad. Given that, how do you come up with a universal charging policy that ensures you’re maximizing your return while delivering value to your ad partners? Social Media Today RSS


12 photos illuminated with window light

Last week’s Mashable Photo Challenge was about using the light from your window to illuminate your photos in an interesting way “I love that this theme forced people to really pay attention to their surroundings and use harsh or bright light to create these dramatic images,” said Vincent Carabeo, our guest host. “It was amazing[…]


Can Ashley Madison Cheat Death?

Can Ashley Madison cheat death? Almost certainly not, experts said, as the flak surrounding the company's data-security breach continues to fly. Many are skeptical the infamous adultery site can come back from the devastating leak that has exposed customers and brought on $ 500 million in lawsuits. "One couldn't have invented a more efficient scenario[…]


Five Mistakes to Avoid When Doing Mobile SEO [Infographic]

Because the use of cell phones has skyrocketed and continues to outpace other technology, you have to ensure your search engine optimization techniques account for smart phone usage. In other words, if you’re not mobile-friendly, you are missing a large part of the population that could be using your services or buying your products. If you’re[…]


Why parents should challenge autoplay video

In nineteenth century America, parents prepared children with macabre children’s books and fairy tales. It was impossible to hide death from them. Today, low infant mortality rates and rising life expectancy mean death is not something many children face on a daily basis. Further, parents protect children from remaining experiences of death and violence. They[…]


Star Wars Shut Down This Facebook Commenter Who Wants Female Armor to Look More Ladylike

Disney-owned Star Wars seems like such a cuddly, world-embracing brand these days, you'd hardly expect them to drop the occasional AT-AT stomp on a Facebook commenter. But that's what happened for a guy who questioned why Phasma, a character in the upcoming Star Wars: The Force Awakens, didn't wear Storm Trooper armor that made her[…]


Are Instant Messaging Apps the Future of the (Mobile) Internet?

With millions of users in play and billions of dollars at stake, there seems to be a bit of a space race shaping up among many of the world’s leading tech companies to see who can create the dominant all-in-one IM app. Some IM evangelists have gone as far as saying instant messaging platforms represent[…]


Malibu’s round-up of the best hashtags ever

You’ve got to love the mighty hashtag. Now a staple of our everyday social media diet, this little symbol is key to staying in conversation with the world It’s not just limited to public posts, though. Many of us hashtag words –- sometimes even whole sentences –- on private platforms including emails, instant messages and[…]


Here Are the Perks BuzzFeed and WPP Will Get From Partnering With Each Other

In an effort to marry analytics capabilities with a global roster of brands, GroupM and BuzzFeed on Thursday announced a one-year partnership to further harness the power of data and branded content. GroupM, the media buying arm of WPP, is hoping to bolster its ongoing partnerships while growing its use of relevant content for younger[…]


19 Ways to Build Your Website, Online Store and Mobile App [Infographic], which provides a service that helps people understand and evaluate the available options for website creation, has put together an infographic which provides a nice visual summary of the various tools and platforms that can be used to build websites, online stores, and even mobile apps.  Social Media Today RSS


Recreations of your favorite games in 6-second Vines

We asked you to recreate your favorite games for our latest Vine challenge, inspired by upcoming MashFlix film GTFO. The interview-driven documentary is all about women in gaming. It was funded on Kickstarter, then debuted at SXSW earlier this year. See also: 13 Vine Videos to Bring You Back to Your Gaming Childhood Below is[…]


A Bluetooth Speaker Becomes a Bee-Whispering Device in This Ad for a British Audio Brand

Here's an unusual way to sell a consumer audio product: Stick a microphone inside an active beehive. In this three-minute (headphones recommended) ad for Bowers & Wilkins, sound recordist Sam Nightingale captures audio of bees at work, and then plays it back to them through the brand's T7 Bluetooth speaker, which features a honeycomb trim,[…]