Regulation Could Be a Blessing in Disguise for Online Lenders

A version of this op-ed first appeared in American Banker and can be accessed here. Regulators have thus far permitted online small-business lending to flourish with minimal oversight. But several recent developments suggest that may be changing. Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel launched a citywide campaign in January cautioning borrowers about “predatory online lending,” and the[…]


In Michigan and Across America, Businesses Support Clean Energy, Cutting Carbon Pollution

Don’t believe the naysayers who claim the federal Clean Power Plan is bad for business. Because when you talk to businesspeople — people creating jobs, fostering innovation and driving economic growth all across America — they’re likely to say the opposite. In poll after poll after poll, small business owners, executives and others express widespread[…]


Sweet Cakes By Melissa Receives Donations After Judge Rules They Owe $135,000 To Lesbian Couple

The owners of an Oregon bakery that violated their state’s anti-discrimination laws by turning away a lesbian couple who sought a wedding cake are on the receiving end of at least one current online fundraiser in an effort to pay back a fine of $ 135,000 or more. An administrative law judge for the Oregon[…]


6 Eye-Opening Steps to Create Your Best Work Week Ever

Working with you is frustrating because you are always so busy. You neglect and overlook important items and have become the bottleneck on every project. More importantly, because of your busy schedule, you are frustrating customers and team members. But what can you do? How do you resolve this chronic issue? The solution is rather[…]

Businessman Wearing Cape

Why I Regretted Hiring the ‘Perfect’ Employee

On paper, he looked like the ideal hire. Ivy League education. Top-notch work experience. Strong referrals. Rationally, all signs suggested I should hire him. And yet, I felt what can only be described as a “tap on the shoulder” — an intuitive, but impossible-to-pinpoint feeling that something was off. That’s when I made the mistake.[…]


It’s the Culture, Stupid

What separates the marketplace heroes in every industry from the has-beens and wanna-bes? It isn’t the products, price or even your location. It isn’t the competence and qualifications of your staff. Your competitors don’t hire all geniuses and leave you with the dunces. Their computer systems, compensation and operational processes are not dramatically better than[…]